How to take your summer dress from day to night in 5 easy steps
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How to Take Your Summer Dress from Day to Night in 5 Easy Steps

When it comes to packing for extended travel, or just to pack a bit lighter, summer dresses are definitely a great way to go. Lightweight summer dresses with fabric that does not wrinkle, fold up very small, so you can actually pack quite a few, giving you a variety of fashion. And the best part is dresses are extremely versatile, from a day of sightseeing to a chic dinner. Learn how to take your summer dress from day to night in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: How to Take Your Summer Dress from Day to Night in 5 Easy Steps

Your choice of shoes can totally change the entire look of your summer dress.

Let’s Talk Shoes

During the day, you will likely want to pair your dress with cute and comfortable travel sneakers, strappy sandals, or even hiking shoes, but in the evening, you can simply “dress it up” with travel wedges or even fashionable heels. By simply changing your shoes, you can definitely take your summer dress from day to night, just like that!

Step 2: How to Take Your Summer Dress from Day to Night in 5 Easy Steps

After a long day of exploring, you may find yourself invited to dinner, or just ready to eat. However, you might not be able to get back to your room to change. That is ok.

Hairstyles Can Make All the Difference

I usually start the travel day with my hair looking cute, but by dinner time, it is usually a bit messy. If your hair is up, try either brushing it out, so it is down, or redoing your up doo. If it is in a ponytail, perhaps try a bun. Alternately, if it is down, try pulling it up in a sexy ponytail or messy bun. Just styling your hair a bit and throwing on some lip gloss takes you from day to glam. If you are having one of those days where nothing is working, try a braid. Even if your hair is shorter, a little braid in a piece of your hair can add a little pizazz.

In my bag, I usually carry a few fancy barrettes or pearled scrunchies. It is amazing what a differnce a little bling can make.

Step 3: How to Take Your Summer Dress from Day to Night in 5 Easy Steps

Accessories are obviously a huge part of fashion, but travel can be tricky because you often want to pack light.

Tie a Scarf

One of my favorite travel accessories are colored scarves. They are super lightweight and so thin, that I can usually pack a few. A scarf adds a splash of color to any summer dress and can easily take you from day to night. Aside from adding color or pattern to your outfit, a scarf can be tied many ways. For example, you can fold it and tie it around your waist to form a belt, or around your neck for a chic statement.

Step 4: How to Take Your Summer Dress from Day to Night in 5 Easy Steps

During the day, it is generally warm when you are wearing a summer dress, but evening temperatures can be cooler or windy.

Wrap It Up

A really easy way to make a grand entrance and stay warm, is to drape a wrap around your shoulders. Wraps are really great, because during the day, you can roll them up and put them in your purse, or even tie them to the outside strap. Wraps can be used to sit on at the beach or park, to dry yourself if you take an unexpected dip, and of course to put around you if you are chilly. They also make a great cover up for a swimsuit or to cover your shoulders to enter a church.

I love wraps because with limited packing space, they are totally versatile. Like scarves, they add a bit of color, and if you do not make it back to your room before going out for the evening, you are all set! Wraps are definitely one of the best ways to take your summer dress from day to night.

Step 5: How to Take Your Summer Dress from Day to Night in 5 Easy Steps

As we all know, little details can really make a huge difference.


Fashion accessories such as these long chains, beaded necklaces, and summer earrings can really take summer sundresses to the next level.

Additional touches that definitely elevate your look are swapping your beach bag for a trendy summer purse, and adding some sexy full lashes that are easy to apply, magnetic, and reusable. With any or all of these accessories, you will be ready to go from day to night easily, in your sundress.

Please let us know what tip was most helpful and share your day to night photos with other travelers here and here!

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