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How and Why to Travel Everyday

Whether near or far, travel is about always exploring and finding the off the beaten path experiences, even in your own backyard. But you may ask how and why to travel everyday? Especially when you may already be overwhelmed with daily life.

Have you ever wondered how to get to travel everyday? It may seem that some people on Instagram or Facebook are always traveling and you wish it could be you, but how?

Of course most of us have work, responsibilities, family, and money stories that sometimes prevent us from checking off every item on our bucket lists. But… that certainly is no excuse to not check anything off at all!

What is a Travel Lifestyle?

The first step to getting to travel all the time, is committing to a travel lifestyle. But what does this mean?Leading a travel lifestyle is as much a way of being and state of mind, as about where you are geographically. A true traveler is always traveling. 

Sometimes this means exploration, sometimes travel planning, or experiencing a cultural exchange. The definition may vary person to person or day to day, but the common denominator remains the same… Travel. It could mean a day adventure nearby or a flight to an exotic destination. Whatever the case, being a traveler is as much of who you are as where you are.

How and Why to Lead a Travel Lifestyle Everyday

Are you Feeling Stuck or Longing to Travel?

Are you feeling stuck in your job, in your personal life, or financially? Do you feel like you are not traveling and it’s getting you down? What is holding you back? You may not be able to change every aspect of your life immediately, but there is certainly one thing you can do. Change your perspective!

“A.B.T. = Always Be Traveling” – Jenny in Wanderland

How to Travel Everyday

I look at life from the perspective of “Be, Do, Have.” Of course nothing you want is that simple, but is anything worth having easy, really?

Steps on How to Travel Everyday

  1. Be clear on your intention and set your goals. So first, understand that you ARE a traveler.
  2. Write down some short and long term goals on what that might look like for you.
  3. Layout your travel plan, including places you want to visit, your budget, your timeline, and any details.
  4. Set travel goals (see below).
  5. Create a Bucket List.
  6. Are you making the best use of your free time?
    • For example, Make time on your business trip for at least 1 bucket list item. So, maybe you are working during the hours many attractions are open; I guarantee you that you can still “travel” during your business trip! Blasphemy… I know!
    • Try watching the sunrise or set from a famous point. Suggest your lunch meeting be in a hip restaurant that you’ve been dying to try. Take an early morning walk through the streets and watch how the city wakes up. Catch late night hours at a museum or some live music before bed.
    • Even if you are “home,” visit a nearby place you have never been.
  7. Understand that Travel is a choice and You have the power.
  8. Always Be Traveling (A.B.T.)
    • I look at every place I am, near or far, as an opportunity to travel and explore, and in doing so, I can (almost) always find the enjoyable quirky things in every place.
New York - How and Why to Travel Everyday

“I look at every place I am, near or far, as an opportunity to travel and explore, and in doing so, I can (almost) always find the enjoyable quirky things in every place.” – Jenny in Wanderland

Strive to Achieve Your Travel Goals

As we all know, you may not be able to accomplish all of your goals at once. That is the value of writing a strategic travel plan. Along with your long term goals, it is important to give yourself achievable milestones so that you are always moving forward in direction and so you do not become frustrated in the process.

So what are some examples of short term and long term travel goals?

Short Term Travel Goal Examples

  • Create a box to save money each week toward your bucket list. It could be a shoe box, a jewelry box, a coffee can. Be creative. Decorate it with images that remind you of travel, or of the places, culture, or people you dream of experiencing. Even if you put just a dollar per week aside, you are moving in a positive direction.
  • Make a vision board with images about you as a traveler and your goals.
  • Add items regularly to your bucket list and be sure to check off the items you have accomplished
  • Plan weekend travel or day trips from where you currently reside, that are immediately attainable; It is important to get some instant gratification!
  • Host an international themed dinner or try to cook a recipe from a place on your bucket list. Join the Jenny in Wanderland Recipe & International Dining Group for ideas.
  • Visit nearby exhibits or markets that are related to, or about another country
  • Join Jenny in Wanderland as a VIP Insider (for free) to become a part of our supportive travel community. Ask Jenny™ travel related questions, get great tips, and be the first to know about exciting travel happenings, meet ups, products, and destinations.
How and Why to Travel Everyday

Long Term Travel Goal Examples

  • Create a travel itinerary and visit your dream destination
  • Take a long term trip
  • Travel to an expensive or faraway destination
  • Reside in or move to a new country

When I set my Travel goals, I like to hand write them in a special book where I can also glue cut outs from magazines or ads that are related to my dreams. I love this travel journal book because it has a hard cover, magnetic closure, archival pages, is compact, and is decorated with travel themed images.

Travel State of Mind

Unable to jump on a jet today? Try out a new restaurant during your lunch break. Explore a nearby park after work. Take a public art tour in your neighborhood.

If you are staying near home, think how a tourist would enjoy your area? Visit nearby theme parks, shows, gardens, beaches, and exhibits. Head out to the streets and photograph your location from the perspective of a visitor. You may be surprised at your images.

Enjoy an exhibit focused on another country at a nearby museum or watch a webinar on travel. Read about a place that’s unfamiliar to you. Work on your bucket list. Hit up a tourist attraction like a boat ride or hop on/off bus.

Try an activity that you might try on vacation, but do not consider doing at home. Go parasailing, take a helicopter ride, Zip-line, walk on the beach, picnic in the park, go to the zoo, or take a class in an international subject; cooking, language, art, music, or culture.

If you really want to find something interesting nearby that you may not have thought of, try booking one of these creative tours or these activities. You may be surprised what you find to do within a short distance from your home.

Take a road trip. Go skiing or hiking in the local mountains, head to the city, country, sea, or lake. It’s amazing all of the things you can tour within a short drive from most places. In minutes it is like you have traveled to a new world. Remember that a traveler is always traveling! Be an explorer wherever you are.

Look at all this amazing and diverse travel within a 4 hour drive of my apartment!

Remember that a traveler is always traveling! Be an explorer wherever you are.

Why is it Important to Travel?

Travel helps you stay in touch with what is going on in the world and keeps life interesting. For me, a travel lifestyle is crucial because it makes me happy and fulfilled on a personal level. But more importantly, on a global scale, I believe that travel and the knowledge gained from it has the power to make the world a better place through personal growth and learning.

From my point of view, travel opens our minds to new perspectives, cultures, food, arts, languages, environments and ideas. It gives us the opportunity to better understand and appreciate struggles, achievements, and ways of life in diverse locations. When I travel, I get to walk in other people’s shoes, so to speak, by learning about other’s beliefs and customs through being in their geographic space socially, culturally, and environmentally.

For example, when sailing in Panarea, I met a woman who grew up on the small island. She dedicates her time to a group that is cleaning up and protecting the sea. Of course, I know about the environmental issues with our oceans and the negative impact humans often have on them. However sailing in this area afforded me the opportunity to better understand that the economy of this small island and its main independent food source is directly connected to the sea, through fishing and tourism, and how co-dependent the existence of one is to the other.

Sailing in Sicily

Why Jenny in Wanderland?

Friends, family, and even strangers have been reaching out to me for years, asking me how I travel so much and how to accomplish certain aspects of travel. I get so many questions from when and where to go, to how to pack, to how to plan a multi-city trip, how to locate the right accommodation, and so on.

In my quest for answers to my own travel questions, I found that many blogs answered my “where to travel” question, but I found less clear information on the “how to” and “why to” travel.

After a while I found that my long-winded and excited responses to others, read like a travel book. So I thought, why not create a space where I can share my travel experience and passion and you can share yours. Jenny in Wanderland was officially born to help others exceed their travel dreams and to empower people to lead a travel lifestyle, through a supportive community of fellow travelers and shared travel tips, articles, visual media, and experiences.

My passion for culture and people has been the launching pad for my extensive travel over the past thirty plus years, including 5 continents and over 50 countries and counting. I am constantly in search of cultural exchange and strive to bring my leadership, creativity, mindfulness, and radiant personality to all I do. I have a strong belief that by provoking thought, opening conversations, and by sharing; stories, customs, traditions, and beliefs, through travel, that peace, understanding, tolerance, and an overall better world is created.

In this spirit, please share your ideas in the comments below this post, or on ASK JENNY, our travel question and answer page that offers answers from Jenny, as well as community participation.

In my opinion sharing experiences is one of the most important parts of travel. Who are you? Where are you? And How and Why are YOU going to travel today? Let’s go!

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