Create Your 2021 Travel Bucket List
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Create Your 2021 Travel Bucket List

Travel may still be unpredictable this year due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, and how and when to move forward safely. Many destinations are closed or have costly requirements in order to visit. But that does not mean that you shouldn’t create your 2021 Travel Bucket List. Exactly the opposite. 

Similar to creating a New Years resolution list or a beginning of the year vision board, your yearly bucket list is your key to dream. Creating your annual bucket list is an essential part of planning future travel.

Steps to Create Your 2021 Travel Bucket List

While some types of travel and certain locations may seem more practical for your current situation, I recommend mixing it up. Select places that are attainable and some that are more of a stretch. As always, Dream Big!

Choosing Destinations

To start, choose 10 to 15 key destinations that you hope to visit this year. You can always add, subtract or completely change this compilation. Think of this as your starting base.

Destinations are countries, regions, or cities that you want to visit. For example, perhaps you would like to visit the Tuscan region of Italy. Or maybe you know you want to go to Africa, but are not sure where exactly. You may want to visit the Alps. It is okay if you are not specific. This is your list. From here you can research which towns meet your wanderlust needs. Additionally, this list could include more specific locations such as the Taj Mahal or the Eiffel Tower.

There are no limitations to what you put on your bucket list. My list often carries over year to year as plans change. Think of this as your “wish list” first. For me, a travel bucket list is a document I always keep available on my desktop. It serves as a place where I can quickly add a photo, words, or a weblink as I come across new places that feel compelling.

I am sure that many of us wanderlusters have scrolled through Instagram and seen a place that looks so amazing that we pause to see where it is. Perhaps you are busy working and just come across it. I would add this link to my list. Then I can always revise my it later. At least by using this tool consistently, I always remember the cool places that I encounter.

Creating your 2021 travel bucket list is a process. Rome was not built in a day. And that is okay. Each person’s list will and should look different. This is your space to dream as well as a tool for your dreams to become your reality.

Setting Short and Long Term Goals

Secondly, Like any aspiration list, there should be short and long term goals. I like to make about one third of my goals extremely achievable. At any time, it is important to have some accessible dreams so that you do not become frustrated. I also list a few places that are more challenging to visit, due to timing, remoteness, or finances, but I can strive to accomplish. 

Once you create this 2021 travel bucket list, you then have a basis to begin planning your year in travel.

Where to Find Travel Ideas

You probably have a few places that you have always wanted to visit. Some may be a longer term goal because of proximity or budget. These locations may get checked off over a period of time, but some likely will remain on your yearly list.

Then, there are the popular destinations each year that are frequently advertised and friends are discussing. But how do you find those unique, off the beaten path locations that you want on your bucket list? The places you did not even realize you absolutely must see, but you must!

Tools To Achieve Your 2021 Travel Bucket List Goals


Download or print a calendar for the year and mark off some of the main dates and lengths of travel you have available throughout 2021.

Step 1: Examine where you have weekend getaways and shorter time to travel versus when you have extended lengths.

Step 2: Divide your locations into ease of reach. This means which destinations are shorter to arrive to, or have direct transportation to them. For example, it stinks to only have a short time to visit and to spend the whole time jet lagged.

Step 3: Next, look at any areas that are in close proximity to each other. Perhaps you want to string those together into a lengthier trip.

Some locations make great weekend getaways, but may not hold your attention for longer stays. Extremely interesting activity rich destinations should be planned when you have plenty of time. If not, you may find yourself rushing place to place trying to pack it all in, or disappointed that you missed something,

Relaxation travel could go either way. If you really want to get to have a laid back time, allow for it. Alternatively if you have really wanted to visit a close by island or resort, a long weekend may grant you the opportunity. 

Step 4: Examine which destinations are open and available for travelers from your country. If locations are currently closed or have difficult restrictions, perhaps put them toward the end of the calendar year when things will hopefully be simpler.

Step 5: Whenever you discover a photo, link, hotel, attraction, or destination that you want to visit, copy and paste the information and a note about why it interested you, to your bucket list.

Step 6: Sort, revise, and add to your bucket list regularly. Keep it easily accessible so that you do not forget places of interest. Then use this list to start booking your travel!

Remember, this bucket list that you create for 2021 can be altered throughout the year. Jenny In Wanderland only encourages safe and responsible travel. Be sure to always practice safety measures while traveling and follow the advice of your government, medical professional, and World Health Organizations.

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