30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack
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30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

Most travelers make an effort to pack as lightly as possible. No one wants to feel like they have their kitchen sink in their bag. This is especially true if you are moving around a great deal. In my opinion, there is a fine line between packing sparingly, and having the things you need (or want) with you, when you reach in your bag. The items in our 30 best travel accessories to pack list have been thoughtfully researched and curated. They reflect the things that we would not want to leave home without.

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How to Determine the Travel Accessories Most Important for You to Pack

The world has changed since I first started traveling; Many items are more accessible in foreign destinations than they were before. However, there are still things that you cannot find in certain destinations. Even if the accessories can be found, some are more difficult to locate. Perhaps you just want to have what you want at your fingertips for convenience. It really stinks to spend a great deal of your day searching for something you forgot to pack. It can be stressful too, depending on the urgency for the item.

First, Consider Your Specific Travel

  • Think about your destination – Is it extremely remote where it would be difficult to purchase accessories?
  • Does where you are traveling accept credit cards or have an ATM? Will you have a sufficient means of paying for what you need?
  • Are you traveling in an area that has challenging circumstances or is prone to situations that may require specialty items, such as filtered water or a rain jacket?
  • Are services such as laundry readily available?
  • Consider the type of activities that you are participating in.
  • Does the accommodation that you booked provide the basics (such as towels)?
  • How often are you moving – in terms of organizational needs and weight of luggage.
  • What everyday items that you use are difficult to replace?

Not everyone will put every item suggested here at the top of their priority list. Although the accessories listed were chosen because, in our experience, we definitely would want them in our luggage. So, deciding which items are important to you may come down to your personal preferences.

For example, if you really do not mind having sun on your face, perhaps a hat is not very important to you. If you know you often have stomach issues when traveling, a medication may be one of the first things you pack. You may be able to find hiking boots, for example, but maybe the quality is not great. We are all unique, but we found that our 30 top travel accessories to pack appeal to a diverse range of travelers. Each item can help enhance your travel experience.

30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

1. Quality Water Shoes

Many people pack flip flops or some shoes to wear around a pool, but not all water shoes are created equal. First of all, if you are hitting the beach, remember that not all beaches are sandy. For example, many beaches in Europe have rocks. This can make both walking on the beach as well as climbing out of the sea, challenging. You may also decide to go on a hike and are crossing water. Or perhaps the place you are swimming is a river or stream. Even if you are going to a sand beach, you may need to walk a bit to get there. In some cities, this could be on cobblestone.

These water shoes are really awesome for travel! They are lightweight, dry extremely fast, and can be used for walking and even light hiking. Mine have held up extremely well for years. I have worn them hiking, floating in the Dead Sea, swimming on rocky beaches, and even kayaking. They are stylish, and have a non-slip sole and mesh material that allows water and debris to flow out. They offer support and are comfortable for walking.

Why Quality Water Shoes Are Important

Your choice of water shoes is important for comfort and safety. My friend was at a water park in Serbia and slipped and dislocated her knee. It was (needless to say) not fun. Good quality water shoes have grippy soles to help avoid accidents. Sturdy soles also protect your feet from anything sharp that you may not be visible under water. Or if you are like me, maybe you do not like your feet to touch a slimy bottom. The ability to walk from your accommodation to the beach without having to carry extra shoes, is great! You may also need to walk from a trailhead to your swimming location. So, quality water shoes are a travel accessory essential and one of the top 30 things to pack.

2. Packable Sun Hat

Obviously protecting yourself from the sun is very important. However, traveling with a large sun hat is often, well, annoying! So, I often end up grabbing a baseball cap. While a cute cap is okay, it never feels very stylish. Also, larger sun hats just seem to cover more.

This rollable sun hat is one of my favorite things. It is really convenient to travel with because I can just pack it and it takes very little space. The material is UPF 50 and blocks 98% of sun rays. The foldable feature is not just great for packing, but also if you want to put it away while you are touring. For example, if you are wandering around a city and then go into a museum, just roll it up and put it in your purse. Voila!

If you prefer a visor style so that you can wear your hair in a bun or updo, this one is the same brand and also excellent in my opinion and one of the 30 best travel accessories to pack.

30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

3. Hat Clip

This hat clip is fantastic if you do have a hat that cannot be rolled. You just clip your hat to the outside of your beach bag or carry-on luggage and it keeps it nice until you arrive! You can also clip other small items to it, such as keys for easy access.

4. Collapsible Bags

I always have this packable backpack clipped to my bag. It is super lightweight and folds into itself, so it is really small. What I love about it is that it is constructed of a high denier material. It may seem really thin, but it has held a book, my DSLR camera, my phone, wallet, and many other things all at once. My past one lasted me for years. It is extremely convenient to have an extra bag that you can use as a day pack, or even for short hikes. It is especially great if you have many activities in one day. Your wrap, jacket, water bottle, and more will all fit. The straps are adjustable so it is comfortable and all of you stuff for the day is in one secure place. I also love the smaller pockets to easily locate my phone or a protein bar.

There is also this collapsible duffle. This one is cool because it can also be worn as a backpack if it gets heavy to hold. Where I find this to be extremely convenient is if I am spending a night, or even a few, somewhere difficult to reach or that does not allow a large or heavy piece of luggage. I can leave the majority of my stuff in a locker, the car, or a friend’s place and just grab the things I need for a short time. This also works out especially well if you are traveling by car and staying in small rooms where it is difficult to open your whole suitcase. Or if there are many stairs involved reaching your room. Sometimes I just leave my luggage in the trunk and only bring in what I need in the duffle.

Pro Travel Tip

Jenny’s Pro Tip: While I do often leave things in the car, it is always a risk. Unfortunately petty theft is common in most of the world. Never leave anything in the car that is irreplaceable like your passport, computer, medication, etc. Also, if you do choose to leave items in your vehicle, always put them out of sight, either in the trunk or under a seat.

30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

5. Reusable Shopping Bag

This heavy duty yet extremely lightweight packable reusable shopping bag always comes in handy for me! It is great for grocery shopping if you are in a VRBO with a kitchen, for shopping at open air markets, your girls day out shopping spree, and even for travel overflow at the end of your trip. It can definitely be carried on as a personal item on most flights. Sometimes at the end of a trip, I use it to carry-on my breakables.

These days, it is eco-friendly to utilize a reusable shopping bag and many stores charge you for their cheap paper or plastic ones anyway. I often pack multiple of these as I use them throughout my trip. They come in many fun colors and prints too! A reusable shopping bag is definitely one of the 30 best travel accessories to pack.

6. Jewelry Organizer

Sometimes I travel with jewelry. I do not do it all of the time, but I have to admit, it is nice to be able to be fashionable while traveling. This case is especially great if you have a wedding, special event, or business meeting. Jewelry can easily become lost or tangled.

This awesome compact jewelry organizer is great to avoid knots. It fits in most safes and can even be carried in your purse or carry-on easily. It is extremely packable, has a mini mirror, and several dividers, two of which are moveable. As a bonus, it comes in many colors too!

It is so easy when you are traveling and out of your normal routine, to misplace items. Or worse, put them down on a hotel room table, windowsill, etc and forget to pick them up. When I use this, I have a habit of putting everything back in it at the end of the day so I always keep track of my jewelry.

7. Toiletry Kit

There are a variety of toiletry bags, but I really like this one because it hangs. The material and hook seem sturdy and the inner pockets are leak proof. So, if something does spill, it is contained within the plastic of the one area. This bag features 4 large compartments so you can likely fit everything in here for organization. I love that it comes in various fun patterns as well.

Why Buy a Hanging Toiletry Kit?

Hanging toiletry kits offer a huge advantage. When traveling, it is easy to become disorganized. With a hanging kit, it is very easy to see everything inside. With divided pockets, your personal items can be easily sorted and while using them, can be stored upright. Also, if someone is cleaning your room, they do not have to touch your toiletries or move them off the vanity. One time I couldn’t find half of my things and found them in a drawer. It is also easier not to misplace items when there is an easy place to return them to. Most bags can hang from almost anything, so that is not a concern.

8. Multi-Use Wrap

A wrap may seem basic, but I never travel without one (or two). I always have one in my purse and I cannot even tell you how many times it has saved me. This wrap is my go to because the size and style is so versatile and it can be easily washed. You can use a wrap for so many things and it can be dressed up or down. And as a bonus, it is UPF 50+.

  • A blanket on the plane or train
  • A towel to lie on (or dry off with) for a spontaneous stop at the beach
  • As a wrap around your shoulders to dress up an outfit, or to simply keep you from being chilled
  • Roll it thin and use it as a belt, head band, or even to cover your head
  • Pull in out if you are visiting a religious site that requires you to cover up
  • Wrap it around your waist and tie a pretty knot to make a skirt
  • Tie it long around your chest to make a cover up or sundress
  • You can even wrap it around your neck and tie it to create a halter
  • Cover your back pack in rain or dust
  • Lie it out in the park for a picnic
  • Cover a seat or bed that you would prefer not be directly on

I have literally used my wrap for all of these reasons and more! It definitely qualifies as one of the 30 best travel accessories to pack.

30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

9. Lightweight Rain Jacket

This lightweight rain jacket is breathable and waterproof. It is suitable for any type of rain storm from light to extremely heavy, up to 10,000mm of water. The seams are all taped for maximum protection and even the zippers are waterproof. The jacket has vents so that you can air out without getting wet. It has a back hood string in case of wind and a hem string. This jacket is perfect for exercise or a day on the town. It has slim lines and comes in a variety of colors. Best of all, it is completely packable and rolls into its own small pouch.

10. E-Reader – 30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

The days of traveling with 4 (or more) books in my carry-on are over. I am a bit old school and I still love reading a paper book, but even I have to admit, that it is so much easier to pack one lightweight e-reader. Plus, you never run out of reading material because you can always download more on the fly. If you are an avid reader like myself, this is a huge advantage. Books used to take up a ton of room in my luggage and made it so heavy.

Why an E-Reader?

But why an e-reader when you could theoretically read on your phone or computer. For me, there are several reasons. First of all, I do not want distractions like a text message of the ability to go on social media when I am taking my reading time. Also, you can adjust the page font size, light, and background to eliminate all glare and read in any condition. For me, this e-reader is my favorite; It is simply for reading, is very lightweight, takes up almost no room in my luggage, can fit in my purse, can be adjusted for all reading conditions and hold a charge for a long time. Additionally, it is waterproof and you can pair my favorite headphones (or others) for audible books.

Hands down, it is my pick. And you can buy one of these travel themed covers that allows you to hold it just like you would a book.

11. Filter Water Bottle

A filter water bottle is great for the environment because it is reusable, and perfect for travel because you can fill up your bottle from pretty much any water source and it filters the bacteria and dangerous particles or chemicals that you should not ingest, keeping you safe on the road.

I love this travel filter water bottle best so far. In addition to being BPA free, environmentally friendly by saving on plastic usage, and helping water to taste better because of its carbon filter, it is also highly ranking in terms of functionality of filtration.

This bottle contains a membrane micro-filter that protects against over 99.9% of Bacteria (including E.coli + Salmonella), over 99.9% of Parasites (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium), and over 99.9% of Micro-plastics, sand, dirt, and cloudiness. This bottle lasts up to 1000 gallons (4000 L), which is about 5 years of daily usage. The carbon filter is good for about 26 gallons (100 L) or two months. The cap covers the mouthpiece which keeps in clean and it has a handle. A water bottle is essential and one of the best 30 accessories to pack when traveling.

This is the carbon filter replacement pack. It is really inexpensive. I recommend buying it with your bottle as you should replace this second stage filter every 2 months. You won’t need to change out the first stage membrane filter for about 5 years.

As a note, this company also makes an emergency straw that can be utilized to filter most harmful contaminants from water if you do not have access to fresh water, or if you are not certain that the water is potable.

12. Fast Drying Towel

I always have a travel towel with me. You never know when you may make an impromptu stop at a secluded beach or lake. This easily packable thin towel is lightweight and extremely absorbent. It takes up a great deal of water and dries really fast. This towel has even come in handy for me for a quick shower on a ferry, when staying at a hostel, and to sit or lay on when there are no available sun chairs. It is also easily washable. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors (I suggest the Large), and it has a snap hook that is very convenient for hanging it up to dry.

30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

13. Travel Wallet

A travel wallet is excellent to hold your most important documents safely in one place. This wallet is one of my new favorite travel items. I love it because it holds my passport, credit cards, a pen, a drivers license, sim chips, other documents, and an air tag. The air tag holder allows this wallet to be easily tracked by your phone (if you are set up and have air tags) and offers RFID blocking as well. It comes in a variety of great colors to boot!

14. Tracking Devices – 30 Best Travel Gadgets to Pack

One time my luggage was stolen by a man who was supposed to be delivering it to me from a delayed flight to my apartment. Apparently, he went on a little road trip after leaving the airport. It was uncovered that he stopped by a cousin’s house somewhere in the Bronx and went shopping in my luggage. When I finally received it, not even my Halloween costume was left inside. There was a random sweater and some underwear, but mostly it was empty.

Now every piece of my baggage, including my purse and carry-on, have an air tag inside. If you are unfamiliar, it is a small, lightweight device that you can trace from your phone, in order to track your belongings more easily. They can be labeled (like this one) so you can identify which bag you are tracking. You can buy just one, but I bet you will come back for more right away! I always buy this air tag 4 pack and it is often a better deal too.

30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

15. Hiking Shoes – 30 Best Travel Essentials to Pack

I used to only travel with my gym shoes and I’d just wear them for any hiking. Now, I find more than ever that I really like to have a pair of hiking shoes with me all of the time. For any trails or rocky paths, even around a lake, a good pair of hiking shoes, like my favorites, have a grippy sole and are waterproof.

Why Bring Hiking Shoes?

Hiking shoes help to avoid slipping when hiking on uneven surfaces, which is even great on wet cobblestone streets, as well as trails. They do not tend to get dirt or sand in them often which makes them perfect for exploring dusty archeological sites too. If there is inclement weather, I find that hiking shoes are even great to wonder around a city. They keep your feet dry. They also work well if you are taking a ferry, getting on and off trains, or are in the snow. Fashion-wise, they can definitely work with a dress or skirt as well as pants.

I have been leaning toward the shoe version lately, but these hiking boots are really great as well. Overall, for me, these are a must-have on almost every trip.

16. Travel Camera

I know. I know. Many phones are so good at taking photos these days, why would you want to carry a camera. However, there are several reasons why. The first, and maybe more obvious one, is if you want to up your photography game a bit.

DSLR Cameras

A decent DSLR camera like this one offers professional quality, full frame photos and many lenses to choose from. Simply put, camera lenses are what allows you to choose the frame of your photos more specifically, by offering the ability to get closer up than you may actually be able to, through a telephoto lens, or to capture a larger portion of the picture using a wide angle lens. These lenses are great for a safari, street photography, and landscapes respectively. These are just some basic examples, but there are many factors that you have much more control over with a more professional camera. The downside is that this camera is heavy.

Mirrorless Cameras

This said, a mirrorless camera like this one that I have, is full frame, professional, and also has a variety of lenses and control features. The main advantage to this camera is that it weighs much less than most DSLR cameras.

Basic Digital Cameras

And of course there is a more basic digital camera like this one, that is compact and lightweight. It will fit in most purses and bags, pack easily, and offer features like a zoom lens. These days, many of these take great photos.

Advantages to Dedicated Travel Cameras

A huge advantage to any travel camera is that you may not want to use your phone all of the time for photos. If you are like me, you will take thousands of photos while traveling and it is often easier to have a dedicated camera. you can use a chip and change it out if it runs out of space. Also, if I am relying on others to take photos, I’d rather hand off a camera than my phone, especially to a stranger.

For a more in depth look at travel cameras, and which is right for you, see Jenny in Wanderland article, Best Travel Cameras.

17. Electronic Chargers/Adaptors – 30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

Staying connected to the digital world is an important part of travel for many people. Even if you are not a social influencer, you likely need to charge something, be it your phone, headphones, watch or curling iron. Many countries or continents have their own electrical with various types of sockets. More and more you can find outlets for USB, USB-C, USB-3 devices, and so on, but not everywhere. Additionally, even when these outlets exist, I find many are damaged and I still need a good old fashioned plug.

Chargers and Adaptors I Always Bring

Therefore, I always carry an electronic kit that minimally contains a USB cord, a USBC to lightning cord, and USB-C to USB adaptors, watch charger, traditional plug-in earphones (good for plane and older gym equipment), a cube like this one or a wireless station, that allows several devices to plug in at once, and adaptors for several countries.

Often you may find one convenient outlet and may have several devices to charge simultaneously. I like to be prepared. Also, I tend to like high quality cords, cubes and adaptors. The last thing you want to be doing is running around trying desperately to charge a device.

18. Electronics Organizer

With all of those cords, I need something to put them in so that they do not get tangled, or worse break. This electronics organizer does a nice job of allowing you to sort your cords. It is nice to be able to grab it out of your bag on a plane or train and keep everything together.

19. Portable Battery Pack

This portable battery pack has literally saved me on so many occasions. It has several ports and holds a charge for a really long time. It is a bit heavier than some, but it really lasts for days. I almost always have it in my purse. You will thank yourself when you are out for the whole day and you really need to charge your phone or camera.

It is amazing how much we rely on these tools now, for maps and directions, to reserve hotels and dining reservations, for tickets to attractions, to contact friends, to get on the metro, and even to listen to audio guides in museums. So, it is extremely inconvenient, to say the least, when one of your needed devices dies and in my opinion, this is one of the top 30 travel accessories to pack.

30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

20. Compression Bags

Compression bags like these are a way to potentially get more items into your luggage by compressing them (removing the air). I personally do not use these that often, but have found them effective to transport my dirty laundry back home, or a bulky coat or ski wear. However I have many friends that absolutely love packing this way.

I think for me, if I am going to one destination and staying there, like a resort where I want to bring a good amount of fashion, this could be effective. I generally like to travel with just a carry-on, so in this situation, when I want to fit more in, compression would be great. When I’m moving around to many places, I find it annoying to have to keep compressing my clothes. But to each their own. Overall, we have added this accessory because many travelers that I know do feel it is really helpful.

21. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are an excellent way to organize your luggage. I especially like to use them when I’m moving place to place often or when I will unpack, but leave everything in the cubes still. I generally put my tops in one, skirts in another, pants in another, underwear/bras in one, etc. It works out well to have all my toiletries in one too if I do not have my hanging bag. Then I just take that bag to the vanity and leave my stuff inside.

I have bought numerous sets of these travel packing cubes. I like them because they have breathable mesh, the set comes with a variety of sizes, they are well made and the zipper seems to hold up (no matter how much I cram in them), and they come in a variety of colors. The colors are important to me because I can sort the sets in various ways; My husband uses one color and I, another. Or, all of my tops are in one color and bottoms in another. Now that I use packing cubes, I could never not use them.

See also Jenny in Wanderland How to Pack for 1 Month of Travel in Carry-on Luggage

22. Headlamp – 30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

I always have a headlamp in my carry-on bag. You may be thinking, “But why?” It has come in use in many occasions. My boutique hotel in Naxos was around a few corners, down an alley, up some stairs- You get the picture! Anyways, Going back to the room late at night, it was really dark and helpful to be able to light up the path and stairs. In Wadi Rum, we slept at a Bedouin camp that had no electricity. Going from your cabin to the bathroom would have been challenging without light. Rafting through canyons in Belize, a headlamp shined the way and lit up the beautiful formations. One time, the power went out in our rental apartment. Then, a headlamp really was useful. You just never know when you may need a little light.

Why Use a Headlamp Instead of a Flashlight?

So, why a headlamp instead of a flashlight? Headlamps, like this one, offer so many features. They are extremely lightweight, usually have various modes, such as red light, strobe, bright, dim, and so on, and you can use them hands free because the band fits comfortably around your head. You can always hold it like a flashlight or sit it down on a table, but the ability to have your hands available is great.

Charging a Headlamp

Do consider how the head lamp is charged. If it is a USB charged light, remember to charge it, and to have a battery pack charged and available in case you have no electricity. The battery powered ones like this, are interesting because they do not require electricity at all, but you do need to have batteries on hand and have to carry them with you, which may add weight to your luggage. *Be sure to choose reusable batteries to be eco-friendly. Either way, a headlamp is one of our top 30 best travel accessories to pack for any trip.

23. Laundry Detergent/Stopper

Laundry detergent that you can use in the sink or tub to hand wash your clothing is really helpful. I always carry a few travel laundry detergent packets like these with me. Sometimes you just do not have time to go to a laundromat on your busy travel itinerary. Of course there are those times that something you really need gets unexpectedly dirty. Many of the fancier hotels offer a laundry service, but the prices are usually exorbitant and sometimes it can take multiple days to get your clothing back.

There are also these travel detergent sheets which seemed to work well, but I have only tried them once. I liked them because there is no liquid. They are dry and release the detergent in water. I feel like while you can use them in the sink, they work better in a washer.

I know that when I’m hiking in the mountains, sailing, or just moving around a great deal, I have run out of clean tees, socks, or underwear. All in all, while hand washing is not always fun, it really can be great in a pinch. If you really want to get wild, you can bring this retractible drying line with clips. I often bring this line because sometimes there is just nothing sufficient to hang your clothes on to dry. It has come in handy many times!

Jenny’s Pro Tip: Many sinks do not have drain stoppers so all of the water (and your detergent packet) literally and figuratively go right down the drain! To prevent this, I carry a sink stopper in my essentials kit. You place it over the hole, so it fits any drain. This travel pack comes with the detergent and a free stopper!

24. Hiking Poles

I have found that having at least one collapsible hiking pole is very helpful. For hiking, whether on short paths or long hikes, you never know when you need a stick. It can be used for balance, on difficult sections of a trail, climbing over steep rocks, and when crossing water. Hiking poles can also be handy on cobblestone, especially when it is rainy. Even if you have no intention of “hiking,” in some small hilltop villages, it is like a hike to get to town, the store, or back to your room. Some of the world’s best beaches are located down a steep trail, in a cove. They are also great for getting around a large archeological site like Pompeii.

These collapsible hiking poles are excellent. They are light weight (less than 8 ounces), made of carbon fiber, have no sweat cork hand grips, are shock absorbent, for 4 seasons, and come with all weather accessories and a carry bag. They can be easily strapped to the outside of your backpack or carry-on, so you do not need to worry about fitting them into your luggage.

25. Electric Toothbrush Charger

If you are like me and use an electric toothbrush, it is a must-have when traveling. It is inevitable that it will lose its charge on an extended trip. Toothbrush chargers can be bulky and may not work in the power outlet at your destination. This electric toothbrush is perfect for travel and has an easy slim USB charger that plugs into most USB ports. You can even charge it on the go with your portable battery pack!

Jenny’s Pro Tip: This brand makes both less and more expensive brushes, but they are not all as effective, so be sure to read up on your specific dental needs. Don’t forget to bring extra heads if you will be gone a while.

26. Travel Sheet – 30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

I admit that I often like to stay in upscale hotels. So why do I need a travel sheet? I am particular about where I lay my head, and if a bed, pillow, or sheet feels dirty, I cannot sleep. I have used my travel sheet in hostels, hotels, and even bed and breakfasts where the bed or pillow did not meet my strict standards. Also, I have rolled it out in the ferry cabin on my recent crossing from Italy to Spain. I booked the best room and still I would not have laid in that bed without my sleep sheet! They also come in handy in overnight trains.

What Exactly is a Travel Sheet?

So what exactly is a travel sheet? It is a lightweight, fast drying, silky material sheet that is sewn more like a sleeping bag than a sheet. It has a pillow case sewn in so when you lie down, you never come in contact with anything but your sleep sheet. Some also double as sleeping bag liners.

My favorite travel sleep sheet is this Egyptian cotton single person. It also comes in a double size silk that sleeps 2 comfortably. Or you can find them in a variety of materials and sizes here. The sleep sheets roll up easily into the protective cover bag that comes with them, and then you can clip it outside of your luggage to transport once it is used.

Jenny’s Pro Tip: I sometimes spray my sleep sheet with this spray to protect me from insects while sleeping if I’m in a jungle, desert, or buggy atmosphere. If you decide to use it, it only goes on fabric, not you! And you want to wait until the sheet is completely dry to use it.

30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

27. Travel Steamer

I am really bad with an iron. Okay, truth be told, I have only used one once or twice, but I really love this travel steamer! It’s lightweight and so easy to use! Just fill it with water and plug it in. When the steam starts coming out, hold the handle and run it lightly by your piece of wrinkled clothing, letting the steam straighten everything out. It only takes a few minutes and heats up and cools down extremely fast. It comes in a cute travel pouch for transport. No excuse to look like you are living out of your suitcase, even if you are!

28. Pill Organizer

If you take prescription medications, or even vitamins, it can be hard to remember which pills you have taken on what day. Travel and jet lag can confuse your normal routine and make it more difficult to keep track.

I like this pill organizer case for travel because it packs easily, seals well so you do not spill or lose your pills, and has the days of the week written on it. Further, each day has its own little case that is divided into 3 sections which can be used for morning noon and night, or just 3 separate pills for the same day. The little case is great to toss in your purse for a long day touring, or to pull out of your carry-on for an overnight flight.

29. Waterproof Dry Bags – 30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

Have you ever been on the beach or at a pool and wanted to go in the water… But then you realize you have valuables such as a cell phone, jewelry, a kindle, a camera, or even car keys, that you are not comfortable leaving unattended? Dry bags come in various qualities, materials, and sizes depending on your need. These bags are great for any boat excursion too, especially snorkeling.

Cell Phone Dry Bag

I usually travel with this waterproof phone bag, specifically designed for my cell phone. It can also fit a single key, credit card, or ID in it. I really like it because it is designed with a hole for the phone’s camera, so you can take photos through the clear case without worrying about your phone getting wet. You can use the touch screen and most phone functions while it is inside the bag. It is also great for a boat ride. It hangs around your neck, therefore you cannot lose your phone while swimming or over water, and floats pretty well too.

Small Dry Bag

This bag, to me, is most useful if I have a wallet, a cell phone, keys, and other small items. It is a 5L bag and holds more than the cell phone bag, which is primarily only meant to hold your phone. This bag will fit a small camera, but would not fit a larger size camera, a towel, or clothing.

Large Dry Bag

This larger 40L size dry bag is great if you have a camera with you, clothing, or a towel. I have used this size when I am swimming out to a little island, kayaking, or crossing a stream to hang out on a rock. You can fit your towel, hat, sunscreen, camera, almost every necessity in this one. This bag offers straps like a backpack if you choose to wear it.

There are many Liter sizes to choose from and a variety of colors, but I personally find the above 3 the most useful and a dry bag is for certain one of the 30 best travel accessories to pack.

30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

How to Use a Dry Bag

A quality dry bag is very effective in keeping your items dry. However, it is imperative you follow the instructions as each bag’s seal works slightly differently. They are easy to use, but you do need to pay attention or you could have a leak. Most dry bags either seal with clips at the top, or you need to press some of the air out, fold it over several times from the opening, and then seal and clip. Many of these bags come with clip handles that can be attached to something like a boat rail, a kayak, or they can hang around your arm or neck. Most float well to some extent and are really great to protect your travel goods.

30. of the 30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

The last item on our list is something I end up using all of the time. This mini portable bluetooth speaker with excellent sound, is so nice to have with me. The old trick of putting your cell phone in a glass is okay, but this is so much better! I never regret having this with me and it always gets usage. I am able to play music in my hotel room, on the balcony while sipping wine, at the beach or park, wherever I feel like hearing some tunes.

This portable speaker is extremely lightweight, takes up almost no room in my carry-on, fits in my purse, and has great sound. It is waterproof and dust proof and has an LED light. If you buy 2, it enables a stereo 360 degree sound experience by pairing them tandem.

30 Best Travel Accessories to Pack

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