I bought an RV Camper Trailer
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I Bought an RV Camper Trailer

Trailer Tales 6/5

Today is the day! I bought an RV camper trailer and I’m picking it up now! In just a few short weeks, I went from imagining what it might be like to wander in an RV, to actually preparing to take off in one. 

How Did I Choose My RV Camper Trailer?

A few weeks ago I began intense online research. I was looking for the types of camper trailers available in an appropriate weight and size for my tow vehicle. The camper also had to meet my personal needs. I sifted through dozens of brands and photos. Once I filtered out the possibilities of what I could safely tow, I then sorted by features.

My personal preferences were to have more storage and living space, and less sleeping places. Since I am practicing social distancing, I do not foresee inviting others to stay in my trailer. Therefore, bunkbeds seemed unnecessary. Even after Covid, if others wanted to join me camping, I’d prefer they had their own equipment. Keep in mind, this is just my personal space needs. Your preference may be very different.

I also decided that I would like the queen bed option. A “U” shaped dining area was important to me in order to work. I wanted some type of outdoor kitchen. I loved the idea of a large pantry, as I like to be organized. After applying all of these filters, it further narrowed down my selections.

Timing ultimately helped me to make my choice. Since I wanted to buy my RV camper trailer within the next 3 weeks, I had to find a model that was available in my area. Lastly, I compared pricing for my budget.

I bought an RV Camper Trailer
“U” Shaped Dinette

Why I Bought an RV Camper Trailer?

Leading up to this morning has been completely insane! There has been so much to do in so little time. Let me back up, just for a moment. I have an upcoming appointment in New York City, where I have not been able to return, due to Covid. After shuffling all of the possibilities of how to get back to New York safely, an RV became part of my thought process. 

Not only could I be somewhat self contained, but when I unhitch the RV, I’d have a vehicle in New York City. Under normal circumstances, I’d hate that idea, as I’m a huge fan of walking and public transport, but right now, it feels easier and safer. 

In addition, I travel constantly. With all the rapidly changing Covid restrictions, I have been looking for my best options to travel throughout the next few months. Most borders are still closed to US citizens, and many destinations have regulations in place that may make travel challenging. Weighing all considerations, I bought an RV camper trailer. This seemed like the best possibility to continue traveling safely and to get to my appointment. Therefore, my RV adventure was born.

I Bought an RV Camper Trailer; Now What?

After making the decision to purchase the RV, there were many moving parts. Everything from buying insurance, to securing the home I am leaving in Florida for hurricane season, to outfitting the new RV with all the tools required, needed to be accomplished.

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But first thing is first, my decision is made. I’m heading to Kissimmee to complete the paperwork and pick up the new RV!

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