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Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

Camping and travel in Beverly Beach, Florida was really fun! I was there in February and it was in the low 40’s at night. It was even colder camping on the water. I could not get warm! I have a home in Florida and unlike many visitors from other states, I understand that Florida can be chilly in Winter, but this was exceedingly cold. Even so, the available camping and activities in Beverly Beach Florida were awesome!

Weather for Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

Florida is generally on the warmer side all year round, with Spring arguably being the best time to visit. From March through May, temperatures in Beverly Beach, Florida range from (Fahrenheit) the mid 70s to mid 80’s during the day and 50 to mid 60’s at night. March can be a bit more rainy than April and May, but still sees a great deal of Florida sunshine.

November through February can drop as low as 40 and get up as high as 75. You just never know. This is not to say it is unpleasant, just different weather than other seasons, and subsequently different expectations of activities. For example, it may be cold to lie on the beach in your bathing suit all day, but some people were, when I was last there.

Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

June through October is much hotter, climbing into the 90’s during the day at the height of Summer in July and August. This also requires planning your activities because you can easily overheat or become sunburnt if you are not cautious.

So, one month is not necessarily better to camp and travel in Beverly Beach, Florida; It just depends what your preferences are. Each season has its thing both positive and negative. I’d venture to say that it is likely more enjoyable and more worth the money to stay at Beverly Beach Camptown, where I camped, when it is a bit warmer.

While the ocean view is beautiful at any time, I’m sure part of what you pay for (at this relatively expensive campground) is the private beach access directly in front of you. People were walking and lying on the beach during December, but it was chilly. Nonetheless, it’s location was great and it was very enjoyable.

Beverly Beach Camptown Campground 

This campground is set up more like a beach parking lot than a traditional campsite. Do not expect green trees or shaded areas. What you come here for is the seafront location with spectacular sunrises over the water, beach access within a few steps and the convenient location to many activities in the area.


This was not a place where the owners/management were overly friendly. There was nothing wrong, and no one was unfriendly, you just didn’t get that, “I can’t wait to see you in the campground next year vibe.” This said, the neighbors were varying degrees of social, and most everyone waved and smiled as they passed you in the campground.

Definitely a small town vibe, the campground is quiet and laidback. The lot the sites sit on, is situated adjacent to, and overlooking the beach. The only thing between the beach and the camping lot is a seawall that serves as a walking promenade.

Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida


The main amenity is the beautiful stretch of sandy beach and ocean that is steps from each camp site. Additionally, there is a short promenade and a camp store. A small food truck sits permanently across the street and offers coffee, ice-cream, and various snacks for a fee.

Campsites – Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

There are 2 main types of campsites to choose from at Beverly Beach Camptown. All sites are meant for camping vehicles, not tents. There is the row that is immediately beachfront, and then a second row set back along the property fence. All sites have water, power and sewer. The sites are pretty close together and they alternate between pulling in forward and backing in.

The advantage to the way the sites are set up is that your camp side never faces anyone’s sewer side. The disadvantage to this is that you better like your neighbors because your two patios are practically touching. Therefore, there is a complete lack of privacy from your immediate neighbor.

Here, I personally would always choose the sea view sites, but here are the advantages/disadvantages to each:

Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

Seafront Sites

  • Beautiful views over the beach & sea from your campsite & camper if you have end facing windows
  • Sounds of the sea lull you to sleep
  • Watch Sunrise from your site
  • There is a sidewalk along the sea wall that runs parallel to the beach and serves as a short walking promenade. Since it is situated between the seafront campsites and the beach, you don’t have much privacy because people stroll back and forth.
  • Extremely expensive for a campsite

Border Row Sites

  • Possibly more privacy as you are set back against the property fence
  • The property fence separates the campground from the sidewalk/street so there’s a possibility of car noise
  • Less expensive
Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

Other Available Site Types for Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

There are 2 or 3 special beachfront sites that offer more space and privacy, but it seems they fill way in advance. They are more expensive and may be worth it if you are a larger party or plan on staying for an extended length of time. They looked nice because there was a larger area to play outside and the promenade had a blockade at the entrance to these sites, so people could not pass by your site on the seawall.

Additionally there are some cabins for rent if you don’t have your own camping equipment.

*Tip: Beverly Beach Camptown, like many Florida campsites does not offer fire rings. The only way you are permitted to have a campfire is in a fire pit like this (which you must supply yourself). It must be elevated off the ground and have a lid. Also, we brought environmentally friendly, man made long burning “logs” like these – the type you purchase wrapped in paper. Many sites do not permit the burning of wood.

Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

Renting an RV for Camping and Traveling in Beverly Beach Florida

A great option if you do not own a camper is to rent an RV for your trip. The great thing about renting is that you return it when you are through and do not need to deal with cleaning, maintenance and storage. If you have never camped or do not camp often, this is a great way to enjoy Beverly Beach Camptown without a large commitment.

In the US, you can rent an RV from one of the largest RV marketplaces. They offer a variety of types, sizes and lengths of RVs. Some are pet friendly and many can be delivered to, and picked up from, your campsite. There is a camper to meet everyone’s needs here, and at reasonable rates.

Our Campsite – Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

In Beverly Beach, our camper was literally parked on the sea wall over the ocean, so that was really cool. I slept so well, hearing the waves crash all night long.  However, sitting on the beach in this chilly weather, at least for me, was not an all day option.  Therefore we needed to find and explore other area options for entertainment.

Luckily, there were many fun activities in, and very close to Beverly Beach.

Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

Activities while Camping and Traveling in Beverly Beach Florida

I was really surprised at how much we found to do in Beverly and nearby Flagler Beach. From the campground, both little towns shared a blurred border and could be reached in about 5 minutes by car, or in about 20 minutes by bicycle.

Exploring Beverly and Flagler Beach Towns

While The towns of Beverly and Flagler Beach were quaint, they were also very lively. It’s one of those places that evokes the excitement of youth at the seaside. While it does not have amusement rides, there is something for everyone.

A highlight are the beautiful public beaches that run parallel to A1A (the main road) and stretch from North of the Campground past town. The town itself has fun shops selling art, beach clothing, jewelry, and seashells, among other trinkets. There is a festive pier with pretty views that contains a popular restaurant. A raised wooden path runs along the public beach that makes for a lovely stroll. There are a plethora of restaurants, many with outdoor areas, serving a variety of food. Of course seafood is a highlight.

We chose to do the bicycle ride into the cute beach town where we easily parked our bikes and enjoyed all it offered.

Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

Bicycling – Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

There are plenty of designated biking trails in the area and you can access them for free. The nearby Flagler County Trail is part of both the St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop and the East Coast Greenway (Maine to Key West), that runs along A1A in Flagler County from the northern county line at Marineland to the south at Flagler Beach. The trail parallels and provides access to Flagler County’s 19 miles of oceanfront, and it links to other trails that connect to its parks. 

On Friday during our stay, we took a 10 mile roundtrip bike ride to town. From Beverly Camptown you have to cross the street which was not difficult. Although the bike trail doesn’t officially start here, you can ride your bike on the sidewalk alongside the coastal road. Many people were riding their bikes there to get to either the official path, or to town. I would not recommend riding in the street here.

Rooftop Restaurant 

The Golden Lion Flagler Beach Florida

We stopped for lunch and drinks at The Golden Lion, a restaurant and famed raw bar, overlooking the ocean. This establishment offers live music regularly. It was crowded in a fun way.

As a vegetarian, I had a delicious salad and nachos that were very good. I believe they also had a pasta dish too, although they specialize in seafood. 

We chose this place because of the view from the rooftop terrace and the fun atmosphere it exuded, but there were many restaurants to choose from, including; Italian, burger joints, pizza, steak, and tons of seafood. However, you cannot help to be drawn to this rooftop. The view is spectacular and the place has a feeling of quintessential Florida. There was even a person taking photos of tables that you could later purchase in a souvenir frame.

The Golden Lion


There are many festive little bars serving beer, frozen cocktails, and other libations. Many are typical, Florida-themed and seaside, but some definitely catered to the motorcycle enthusiasts of nearby Daytona Beach, where the popular bike week takes place in March each year. Of note was Tortugas Florida Kitchen and Bar that offered a welcoming atmosphere of sofas and tables in an indoor/outdoor garage like setting.

There is a little wine bar, The Flagler Beachfront Winery, that serves local and popular US wines on a small lawn across from the beach. Many of the bars had both an outdoor and indoor component to either take in more of the Florida sunshine, or to take a break from it.

Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

Cherry On Top

No trip to the seashore would be complete without an ice cream shop, and this did not disappoint. There seemed to be a few options, but Sally’s Ice Cream in particular was really popular. They had an outdoor window and many flavors to choose from. 

For coffee lovers, there is a really hip craft coffee shop,Yes Coffee.

Sally's Ice cream Flagler Beach Florida

Flagler Beach Municipal Pier

After lunch, we took a short stroll on the pier. It has beautiful views and a fun tourist restaurant, The Funky Pelican, and their famous “Writing Wall.” It is essentially an extra large chalkboard with plenty of available chalk for the public to write their daily messages to the world. The board is wiped clean each night.

There is a small fee to access the pier of about $1.50 and you can fish from it. Most parking is free along the street of A1A.

Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

Bulow Creek State Park

We did a 6.8 mile loop hike on a trail through old Florida terrain in Bulow Creek State Park. It was really very pretty and surprisingly diverse for Florida, albeit a bit muddy. This hike takes you back to old Florida, the way it likely looked when it was inhabited by the Seminole Tribe.

Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

The trail meanders through salt marshes, old growth forests, pines, and oak hammocks. We saw an armadillo, an alligator, and tons of cool plants and mushrooms along the way. It was so much fun and we only passed one other person the entire time!

Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida - Mushrooms

Being how flat Florida is, there was no elevation, but the length of the trail still offered a challenge in the heat. This trail is accessed from outside the pay area of the State park, as it borders it, and crosses into another park which is free. However if you do park inside the Bulow Plantation Park you must pay the approximate $4 fee which is on an honor system.

Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park

After our hike, there were nearby historical sugar mill ruins to visit, accessed on an easy 1 mile nature trail. Alternatively, there is parking close to the ruins.

Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida - Sugar Mill - Bulow Plantation

Sugar Mill Ruins

The Bulow Plantation Sugar Mill Ruins are leftover from a sugar plantation and mill dating from the early 1800s. The ruins recount the old days of the south and shed light into the history of the area’s slaves. The ruins themselves were in great shape and very impressive.

There are signs all around the ruins corresponding to the part you are looking at as you walk the paved path around them. Each one offers a great explanation as to what you are viewing and gives some history and insight into what it is.

Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida - Bulow Plantation


Since we walked into the sugar plantation grounds from the hiking trail, we had actually crossed into the area of the State Park without realizing it. We never saw the box where you are supposed to pay. A park ranger was patrolling and clarified the need to pay. It was only 5 or 6 dollars, well worth it. The point is, the box is easy to miss if you don’t drive into the park. When you walk in, you would have to walk through the car gate in order to see the sign to pay, so look out! Also note, there is an entrance fee for foot and bike traffic, not just vehicles.

Other Activities within the Park

This park was small and very lovely to spend a half or full day. Within the park and adjacent to the Sugar Mill ruins there is a small outdoor museum where you can see relics from the mill along with photos and further explanation in a large glass display.

In addition to the Sugar Mill, the park offers walking, picnic tables, and kayak launch & rental. It did have restrooms, but I did not notice food concessions so I recommend bringing plenty of water and packing lunch.

Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

Flagler Beach Historical Museum

This little museum has some interesting collections from prehistoric and colonial plantation to the roaring 1920’s, surfing legends, and local severe weather storms. It is a great way to spend an hour or two out of the sun or inclement weather. There is something here for everyone and it is located right in the center of town.

Ocean Palm Golf Club

Ocean Palm Golf Club is a public 9 hole course. It is located between the intracoastal and Atlantic and enjoys nice breezes in hot Florida sun. It is an easy mix of par 3 and 4’s and is inexpensive to play (about $11 a round). It is not always in the best condition, but is great for some laid back, no pressure practice.

Marineland Florida

Marineland Florida is about a 15 minute drive straight up A1A, along the coast, from Beverly Beach Camptown. One of Florida’s first marine mammal parks, it as an entertainment facility where you can swim with dolphins. It also offers sea life educational programs.


Nearby Cities of Saint Augustine and Daytona

Saint Augustine and Daytona are both a short drive away and offer tons more fun activities.

Visit Saint Augustine to take a historical walking tour of the oldest continually inhabited city of European and African descent in the United States. Alternatively walk on an evening ghost tour exploring the city’s haunted past, or go on an adventurous airboat ride.

Get Race Day ticket packages for the famous Daytona International Speedway or take in a kitschy Polynesian Fire and Dinner show in Daytona Beach.

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Visiting Family – Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

On Saturday we met up with my dad’s first cousins and their daughter and husband, who are about my age. I hadn’t seen them in maybe 25 years! The last time I saw my cousin that is about my age, we were at a party in the woods Philadelphia as teenagers (that we probably should not have been at:) So, this was a fun reunion with lots of reminiscing and memories to share.

Tomato Pie

This is the Italian side of my family and my Cousin Andy made me a homemade tomato pie (Straight out of old school Philly). This type of “pizza” is something that seems to be made only by a small population of Italians that came to the United States. I have only been able to find tomato pie in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania, parts of New Jersey, and an area of Ohio. I have not had it in a while and It was so yummy! 

Philly Tomato Pie

Italians and Stories of the Past

My Great Grandparents came from Italy, lived in Italian neighborhoods in the Philadelphia area, retained most of the Italian culture and ways, and passed it down to the next generations. I myself am now seeking my Jure Sanguinis (Italian Citizenship by Descent). Therefore it was even more fun to hear these stories of the past.

The family shared things that I didn’t know; like about them as teens making wine the old school way in the basement in Philly and selling bottles out the window for 50 cents! Apparently all the equipment is still in the family house that we have inhabited for over 100 years! Of course in true Italian fashion, we spent hours crowded around the table in the kitchen, eating and talking.

Travel Connection

Travel is my passion. My philosophy on travel is that it is a lifestyle; how you live your life everyday. For me, part of living a “Travel life” is connecting with people on a daily basis. When others share their culture, food, and memories with you, it is a way to connect with the global world.

Whenever I travel, I make it a point to meet new people, but also to connect with friends and family from the past if I am anywhere near their vicinity. Staying connected to people globally, be it family or friends, new relationships, or old ones, takes work. However, the rewards far outweigh the effort on a daily basis. I cherish each of these relationships so much.

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Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida

Next Stop: Lion Country Safari

Camping and Travel in Beverly Beach Florida was more fun than I expected. We really enjoyed our time there. On Sunday, after we checked out of Beverly Beach, we moved campsites and continued our tour of quintessential Florida highlights. We arrived in West Palm Beach, after approximately a 4 hour drive. Our goal was to spend Valentine’s Day at Lion Country Safari. What a surprise that was!

See What happened next and learn about the KOA & My encounter with a Lion…

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