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5 Most Important Things to Do After Buying an RV

Planning is an important aspect of any travel, no matter where or how you are exploring. RV road tripping is no different. There are multiple items to consider longterm. However, the 5 most important things to do after buying an RV, really cannot wait.

Obtaining Insurance is 1 of the 5 Most Important Things to Do After Buying an RV

The very first item is to purchase insurance. This is important for obvious reasons. However, if you are financing your RV, you cannot pull off the dealer lot without an insurance plan in place.

I recommend using the web to get electronic insurance quotes. Or, go to an agency you are using for other vehicles. If you wait until the day you pick up your new RV, you may be forced to take the policy the dealer is offering. It may be good, but it is always better to compare coverage and cost.

You Will Need A Hitch to Pull Your Camper Trailer

5 Most Important Things To Do After Buying An RV
Weight Distribution Hitch

If you have purchased one of the many RV options that does not have a motor, then you will need to pull your camper trailer, (unless you have a fifth wheel). You may need to buy a Buy an Electronic Break Controller

Electronic Brake Controller

If your RV requires a tow vehicle, you will need to have a 7 pin connector. The wiring will need to be brought up to the cab of the vehicle. Many trucks rigged with towing packages are already configured this way. My tow vehicle was not, but it was not too difficult to install.

The Know What Safety Equipment Is Required

5 Most Important Things to Do After Buying an RV Get Safety Equipment
Flares and Safety Triangles

Certain required safety equipment must be with your trailer in order to operate it. Requirements vary by state and/or country, but it is a good idea to have safety items on board whether mandatory, or not.

Clip-on Side Mirrors

Being Sure Everything is Functioning is the Last, But Not Least of the 5 Most Important Things to Do After Buying an RV

Buying anything new can be overwhelming. When you buy a new RV from a dealer, you will usually spend your pick up day there. Sometimes the dealer has you sleepover the night before, to get used to your RV. While the mechanic makes adjustments and installs your hitch, you will likely have time to be sure everything is functioning as it should.

Usually most RVs are under warranty for minimally the first year. Even so, it would be disappointing to head out camping and realize there, that your stove is not functioning. I thought I had checked everything, but somehow I missed that one of my stereo speakers wasn’t playing. Fortunately, it was just a wire that had slipped out of place. It was an easy fix that could be done without taking the vehicle in for service.

Be sure to read the manual that comes with your RV and have it with you at all times in case you need to refer to it.

Most Importantly, Plan Ahead By Booking Some Amazing Camping Sites, As They Can Book Up Fast, And Enjoy Your New RV!

Travel Tip

TRAVEL TIP: I typed a list prior to RV pick up with all of the questions I had. Since I was new to RVs, I had the dealer explain the functionality of each hookup and asked for recommendations on hoses, attachments, extensions, cords, jacks, and chalks. At the end of the day, buy what is right for you, but at least get an opinion of items you may not even realize you’d want until you get out there. I like to be prepared and avoid any unnecessary chaos.

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