Safety Contacts

It is important to have contact information handy in case of an emergency while traveling. It is best practice to have your emergency contact lists in more than one location so that if, for example, your purse is stolen, you have a back up copy in your luggage.

I always keep contacts stored in my phone, but in case that there is no power, or it is stolen, I also have a list of important contacts written out and tucked into my luggage or purse. And let’s face it; In the age of digital phones, so many people no longer have numbers memorized.

It is also a good idea to provide a list of emergency contacts to someone at home; That way, if you can just reach out to that person, they can assist you with the rest of your list. This works great in the event you have lost your list too… Just remember one number or email.

A great option that I use is Google G Suite. This allows you to utilize collaboration and productivity tools in the cloud, so essentially anywhere you can log into the web, you can access your contact and other loaded information. You can also share your documents live with people of your choice, so whether you, or a collaborator updates documents, you can see each other’s changes immediately. By using this, your contacts and other important information is at your fingertips and you can easily and securely exchange information. Your collaborators can share important updates when you are inaccessible and then you can view it when you are able to sign on.

I also use Google G Suite to upload documents like scanned copies of my credit cards and passport, that I have with me on my trip. This way, if my wallet or bag is stolen, I know what I lost and who to contact because I can sign in from anywhere and access my stored information. The only downside is if you cannot access the internet, but that is what the paper copies are for. Another option if you are not a business owner is a similar, but simpler and free application, “Google Drive.”

The USA FCC offers information on how to quick dial an emergency number from various countries abroad. Although this information comes from a US site, it seems to apply to anyone needing to quick dial an emergency number, regardless of your nationality.

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