Travel Fashion

The Jenny in Wanderland Shop contains carefully curated travel fashion for diverse destinations. We select high quality items that we consider practical, trendy, fun, unique, and useful for the travel lifestyle.


Travel fashion can be tricky.  Of course many people like to be trendy while traveling, but practicality is also important. Determine weather conditions and the purpose of your travel. This will help you decide what articles of clothing to pack.

Here in the Jenny In Wanderland shop, you will find some of my favorites. This travel fashion was chosen for its practicality, packability, trendiness, and wow factor. Pick and choose which pieces work for the type of travel you are doing and for your destination.

Many people think that packable clothing and travel fashion do not go hand in hand. I’m here to prove you wrong.  There are many wrinkle free pieces that can pack relatively flat in your luggage. They can satisfy both the need of usefulness and trendiness.

Remember that many pieces can be dressed up (or down). Think about the piece not just on its own, but with a scarf, for example.

Also checkout Jenny In Wanderland article on simplifying packing. It may help you to decide which pieces to add to your travel wardrobe.

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