6 Versatile Packable Travel Fashion Items
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6 Versatile Packable Travel Fashion Items

When packing, you do not have to overstuff your luggage in order to dress fashionably. There are many options to have trendy women’s mix and match separates this Summer, while packing minimally. These 6 versatile packable travel fashion items are an easy go to. Some even work for men!

6 Versatile Packable Travel Fashion Items Infographic

Scarves Are 1 of the Top 6 Versatile Packable Travel Fashion Items

While scarves come in many sizes and shapes, I find an oversize square-shaped decorative scarf to be the most versatile. Scarves have so many practical and fashionable uses. This is one accessory to always have in your bag.

One of the most common uses of a scarf is to add an accent or a splash of color. This can be easily accomplished by tying the scarf around your neck or shoulders. Not only is this fashionable, but it can also dress an outfit up, even taking it from day to evening. Examples are upscaling a tee shirt by wrapping a scarf around your neck or tying it in a bow. This also works great to gussy up a plain dress.

Scarves are very convenient because if you are out touring all day and then proceed right into your evening plans, without making it back to your room, this is an easy and lightweight piece to have stashed in your purse. This also works in your favor if you need to cover your shoulders or legs, in order to enter a religious facility that requires modesty.

A scarf can be tied around the waistline of a dress or threaded through pant loops to create a trendy belt. All of these methods can not only take you from day to night, but also from business to social. If you wear a plain black dress, made more business like by a wrapped neck scarf, you can always remove it and bare a bit more skin to head to a club. One idea is to place it as a funky hairband.

Aside from the obvious function of keeping your neck and shoulders warm, a scarf can also double as a small travel blanket or beach cover up. If you find yourself in a park, you could even lie it down to sit on. There are so many uses and ways of tying and wearing scarves, this in itself can really up your travel wardrobe game.

one of 6 Versatile Packable Travel Fashion Items

Tee Shirt

I know it sounds simple, and it is. I think it really comes down to selecting a tee that is a nice material and good fit. Think about the cut and neckline most flattering to you when choosing your top. A solid color moisture wicking tee can easily go from casual to nightlife in seconds. A good looking well-fitted tee can even be used for tops from workouts to hangouts instantly. I love the wicking fabric because it is so fast drying. You can hand wash and line dry it in a few short hours.

Dress up your tee with a scarf or wear it under a blazer for a business or upscale feel. A tee works for both men and women in this way. Go clubbing looking trendy and effortless with some great fitting jeans and your simple solid tee. If you want, dress it up with some upscale walking flats or strappy sandals. Easily go day touring by pairing your tee with shorts and sneakers.

Moisture Wicking Versatile Tee

Blazer or Sport Coat

Another great garment that works for both men and women, is a solid color blazer or sport coat. This could also be exchanged for a lightweight button up or wrap sweater, such as a cardigan. Neutral colors such as black, tan, white, or navy, tend to pair with most anything and are likely most versatile.

A top piece, not only provides warmth when needed, but can take you from business to casual and day to night. A jacket or sweater allows the option to appear more conservative when needed. Like a scarf, it is relatively easy to carry a jacket with you throughout the day, so if you do not return back to your room, it is not an issue. Another bonus is that you could opt to wear this piece when traveling to your destination, so you do not even need to fit it in your luggage.

Blazer Over Simple Solid Dress

Flats or Sandals

A cute pair of sandals or closed toe flats that are comfortable and well made for walking distances, are essential. When you choose both fashion and function, you can certainly go day to night without the need to pack a second pair of shoes. Flats and strappy sandals tend to be a less bulky option to spiked heels or wedges that may take up space awkwardly and weigh more.

I like to choose solid neutral colors so that my shoes match everything. If I intend to do business well traveling, I often opt for a closed toe loafer like flat, as sandals may look less professional in some instances. Whatever the case, the ability to walk far and have happy feet, is important to me. You do not need to sacrifice being fashionable as there are so many cute options to choose from.

Another factor to consider is the weather and terrain. If I know it may be rainy or muddy, a closed toe shoe is more practical. If I am on an island, I tend to wear sandals constantly. In a big city where I will be touring extensively, I definitely opt for a heartier sole that offers greater support.

Trendy Flats

A Black Dress is definitely 1 of the 6 Must-Have Versatile Packable Travel Fashion Items

You may have heard that you always need a little black dress and you cannot go wrong. I have to say that I agree. A plain, well-fitted black dress with simple lines can truly go anywhere. Long or short, flared or fitted is really a preference of what you feel most comfortable wearing.

A black dress can easily transform your look from day to night. With a blazer and some pearls you are ready for a meeting. Add bold earrings and head out on the town. If you are unexpectedly invited to an event, this dress will likely do just fine. You can definitely pair a dress with some sneakers or a scarf for daytime, and show a little more skin in the evening, combined with sandals. Just changing your hairstyle and applying a bit of makeup can create a more formal look.

Little Black Dress

Convertible Pants

Waterproof Pants in a fast drying material that offer legs that easily zip on and off are an amazing travel fashion trend. These pants offer so many features. The obvious is the ability to adapt to weather. If you are warm, simply zip off the legs. These pants are lightweight and take up little space.

Convertible pants can be your shorts and pants all in one, eliminating the need for an extra article of clothing. These pants can go from hiking to town, day to night, and casual to trendy, depending what you wear on top. These type of pants are usually made of a comfortable, flexible fabric. They can pass for slacks easily, but are also great for hiking and yoga.

I prefer dark colors like navy, gray, or black because they tend to look more dressy when paired with a nice top, and show less dirt.

Convertible Pants

Just by packing these 6 versatile fashion items when you travel, you have already simplified your packing and reduced your luggage.

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