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How to Rekindle Your Love for Travel

Every once in a while, we feel overcome by sluggishness. Even the most avid jet setters fall into this slump when they decide to take a break from traveling. It can happen because of a variety of reasons, ranging from health issues to feeling overworked, to simple laziness. This is why knowing how to rekindle your love for travel is just as important as knowing how to make travel plans.

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Take Your Time

The first step to understanding how to rekindle your love for travel is being aware of how long it has been since you last traveled. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to spend more time at home, especially if it is for reasons of health, finance, or convenience. But if you are someone who loves to travel, you might eventually feel bored staying in one place all the time. The key then, is identifying when this melancholy sneaks up on you.

The pace is different for everyone, so maybe you end up feeling stuck after a week, a month, or even a year. It is completely alright to wait as long as you need to, until you feel like you have the motivation to plan a trip. By that point, you might feel trapped in a slump; you want to travel as strongly as you don’t want to travel. Maybe you are afraid of leaving the country or traveling the distance to a new city. Perhaps you don’t want to bother with the hassle of preparing for travel, or you would rather just stay home.

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However, there is only so much waiting you can do before you realize that not fulfilling your wanderlust bothers you more than getting to it. Coming to that realization is one thing, but knowing what to do next is another. All things considered, it is still hard to pull yourself out of inertia. So you need to give yourself a push.

Feed Your Wanderlust – How to Rekindle Your Love for Travel

Although you can start traveling again on a whim, many of us need to feed our wanderlust bit by bit until we’re ready to take that step. You can do so in a number of ways. For instance, reading about travel experiences in guides and blogs can help remind you of what you miss most about traveling. Stories of adventures and photos of magical destinations can inspire you to add new desires to your travel bucket list. You can also watch videos from travel and vacation vloggers for even more immersive experiences. Either way, experiencing the thrill of traveling through others will do wonders to sow the seeds for your own wanderlust.

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Another small step you can take to literally feed your wanderlust is to try cuisine from different parts of the world. Obviously, the food will never be exactly the same as it would be locally, but trying flavors outside of your own cultural palate will definitely spark an interest in travel.

Book a dining experience with local foodies to enjoy a global vibe with other travel-minded people near your home (or anywhere in the world).

You can, of course, cook at home with new recipes from around the globe as well, with recipes for almost every dish in the world just a google search away. Cooking yourself also has the bonus fun of making you go on the hunt for ingredients (and this will inevitably take you to unique stores).

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Look Up Sights for Sore Eyes

You can also rekindle your wanderlust by simply looking at picturesque images of destinations around the world, including domestic and international photos. In addition to images of different places, it is also fun to search for different tour packages and envision yourself taking part. Alternatively, you can look at listings for various accommodations, for example; hotels, home stays, and bed and breakfast inns, for a change of setting. Just by sitting back, relaxing, and appreciating the beauty and intricacies of these images, you can ignite a desire to see more. While looking and imagining, the sky is the limit because budget and time are of no concern!

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When seeing is not enough, you might find yourself wanting to touch, smell, hear, and taste the world you are looking at. Once you reach that point, you will be ready for the next step.

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Start Small – How to Rekindle Your Love for Travel

After rediscovering your excitement for travel, you might or might not be ready to leave your traveler’s melancholy behind. You could be the type of person who wants to leap on a plane and fly to a new continent right away, or you could still be unsure what to do with yourself because you’ve been in a traveling slump for so long.

In this case, it is best to start small and experience travel through baby steps. The most important things are remembering why you enjoy the experience of traveling and getting re-accustomed to the process of travel. You can start by traveling short distances.

Is there a beach, park, or other public destination nearby that you never or rarely go to? Are there any towns or cities nearby that you have always wanted to spend the day in? What about concerts, festivals, or shows? Museums or underrated restaurants? Any of these options can provide you with a reason to leave your home and explore new locations in the vicinity.

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Then you can slowly but surely get back into the habit of traveling. Maybe you only spend an hour away from home on a weekend day once a week or even once a month. What matters is that you were able to take initiative and let yourself explore somewhere new. Afterwards, you can start extending your travel plans to longer distances, whether further cities or other continents. Much like riding a bike or swimming, traveling will become an activity that comes as second nature because it never really left you.

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Knowing What You Want – How to Rekindle a Love for Traveling

Before you make a decision as big as booking an airline ticket to another country, you should first ask yourself what is it you want from your travels. Depending on how long it has been since your last jet setter journey, the answer will vary for each individual.

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Although you can simply tell yourself what you miss about traveling in your head, you can also do visualization exercises such as writing journals. Simply pick a blank page and write down the positive emotions you felt from your previous travels, or the emotions you want to experience on your next journey. You can jot down what you fear about traveling again as well. Maybe you are afraid of different political situations, traveling with a new agency, exploring alone, and so on. Then counteract each fear with a productive solution and a reminder of what you stand to gain by exploring the world.

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Jenny’s Tools – How to Rekindle a Love for Traveling

In the end, traveling is no more daunting than playing a sport or picking up an old hobby. It requires an intense level of preparation, scheduling, budgeting, and research beforehand, but however much work you put in yields as much rewards as you can sow. Enjoyable travel is not always an easy task, nor is leaving your familiar surroundings. Hence why it is so easy to fall into the pattern of not traveling, but ultimately, the proverbial travel bug returns because we love it.

If you think you have spent enough time figuring out how to rekindle a love for traveling and want to start your next trip as soon as possible, consider checking out our tips on travel safety, packing, and preparation first. From there, you can decide where you want to go and again set out into the world with a new lust for travel.

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