New ETIAS Document for EU Travel
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New ETIAS Document for EU Travel

Launching in full by the end of 2022, many travelers visiting Europe, including US citizens, will need to fill out the new ETIAS document for EU travel. You will present it with your valid passport prior to departure. It may also be required at some points of entry to European Schengen area countries.

What is the New ETIAS Document for EU Travel?

The new ETIAS document is a visa-waiver for those visiting a Schengen-area European country. This effort aims to mitigate security issues across the many EU countries by implementing an automated system to determine who can enter the EU. ETIAS stands for European Travel Information and Authorization System.

How does the New ETIAS Document for EU Travel Work?

Basically, most visa-exempt, non-EU citizens, aged 18-70, will be required to apply. It will be an online application process. The application should take under 10 minutes to complete.

The information will be run through security databases, such as Interpol. Accepted applicants, which should be most people, will likely receive the approval in minutes. If you are refused acceptance, you will usually have the right to appeal.

The ETIAS will be used to permit entry into Schengen areas by land, air and sea. It will likely be checked prior to your departure, for example by your airline at boarding.

What do You Need to Apply?

“The only official document that travelers need to complete the online application is a biometric passport. They will also need an email address and a debit or credit card… Although it may not be obligatory to have an electronic passport, a valid passport is required to register with the ETIAS system.” (ETIASVISA.COM)

Examples of information requested are a passport, background questions related to criminal records, drug use, place of birth, nationality, family information, employment information, information on the person submitting the application, and other similar data.

What does it Cost and How Long is it Good?

The starting fee for the new ETIAS document for EU travel will be 7 Euros and will be good for 3 consecutive years. However, if you renew or change your passport during the 3 years, you will need to reapply.

Where Do You Obtain the Form?

To get more information and obtain the form, please visit the official site.

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