3 Popular Winter to Spring Travel Fashion Trends
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3 Popular Winter to Spring Travel Fashion Trends

With winter still brewing in much of the world, and spring just around the corner, I decided to buy a few fashion pieces to update my wardrobe that can be worn in multiple seasons. Weather can be so variable and unpredictable in many places, with it being warm one day, and cold the next. I like to buy items that I can layer and mix and match, many of which can even cross over to other seasons. Here are my current favorite 3 popular winter to spring travel fashion trends.

Metallic Skirts – 1 of 3 Popular Winter to Spring Travel Fashion Trends.

Long or short, straight or pleated, metallic skirts are definitely one of the 5 popular winter travel fashion trends. What I love about metallic skirts is that you can dress them up or down. Just add lace pantyhose, heels, and a blouse and you are dressed up. For a more casual look, wear chunky heeled boots and a long sleeved tee or sweater.

This long metallic pleated skirt is really gorgeous.  

For travel, you can easily take this look from day to night or business to fun. Try changing your shoes from casual boots to dressy heels, adding a tailored blazer, and utilizing accessories like this pearl necklace or these fun earrings

Either this or this cute metallic skirt, could easily be worn during the day and then to a club or dinner at night.

Metallic skirts can be worn in warmer weather with these strappy sandals, bare legs, open toed shoes, and tank tops. For cooler temperatures, pair these with funky tights with a sweater, a blazer, a leather jacket, or a scarf.

This metallic pencil skirt is also an easily packed, versatile look. 

For a long sleek look, try this beautiful fitted skirt

Not only are these skirts extremely versatile for climate, time of day, and occasion, but metallic material always adds a little something special with its sheen to make you stand out. It is easy to make a statement in a metallic skirt.

3 Popular Winter to Spring Travel Fashion Trends

Rhinestone or Sequins Embellished Clothes

Anything with bling adds a sparkle to your step. Shiny embellishments add a fashionable air to an otherwise plain, sparkly tee shirt or legging. What I love about clothes with bling is that they tend to look trendy without having to try too hard.

Especially when traveling, you may not want to pack a separate outfit for each day and night, and you probably want to look fashionable for your insta-photos:)


A touch of sparkle on an otherwise plain garment give it just a little something special. For example, take this pair of sparkly comfortable yoga pants. Add a tee or this sweater and sneakers, and you are ready for a day out. Change to this awesome blouse, this cute blazer, and these all purpose boots and look out full moon!

Bling can really transform everything, from shirts to gloves, dresses to pants. So, you can be as warm, cool, and comfortable as you wish, while still sporting this sparkling fashion.


Satin Pants in a Variety of Styles – 3 of 3 popular winter to spring travel fashion trends.

Satin pants are all the rage. They come in many colors and styles. Some have elastic bands and tie waists, while others with snaps and zippers are cargo style. You can even buy dressy satin pants https://amzn.to/3T2j5SX in a slacks style for an evening out, or a professional look.

Also, The fit of satin pants also ranges from a sleek slim fit to a slightly casual jogger https://amzn.to/3uCCmC4 both of which can be dressed up or down.


Jenny’s Favorite: To get beautifully colored, full lips that stay on really long in my opinion, try my favorite lip kit. I love all of the colors. I find if I first use the pencil to outline my lips, then color them in with the pencil, and after apply a thin layer of the gloss, it works amazingly for long lasting color!

The hem of satin pants is also diverse. From elastic ankle cuffs to this cute, wide bottomed pair https://amzn.to/48m1KtN  to a “skinny Jean” style.

For travel, satin pants offer many advantages. I absolutely love the comfort of satin pants. They are generally soft to your skin and allow for easier movement than a stiff jean, perfect for a long flight.

Satin pants can easily go day to night, no matter the style you choose. For day, pair them with comfortable sneakers and an athletic top or sweater. For evening looks, try a pair of heels or these https://amzn.to/48q5xWF  low cut booties and a silk blouse or embellished sweater.

Lastly, satin pants tend to weigh less than other materials, do not wrinkle much, and fold flatter, making them a sure winner when it comes to packing.


So be sure to pack these 3 Popular Winter to Spring Travel Fashion Trends! You will be all ready for your next trip!

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