Castle in Kos, Greece
Jenny's Journal,  Throwback Thursday

We Have a Battery Charger… the Trip is Saved!

So, if you have been following our saga, Jen realized she forgot her camera’s battery charger. We found the one store on the relatively small island of Kos, that might have a battery charger for Jen’s camera, but it was closed. Big worries. Well, it turns out it was just “siesta” and the store opened again in the evening. They had an “all Nikon” charger that even works off of 12V DC! We have a battery charger and the trip is saved!

From the Throwback Thursday Series: Fun with Jen and Todd

We Have a Battery Charger... the Trip is Saved!

With that said, the day included a trip (3 mile hike up the mountain) to Hippocrates’ archeological site (which was closed). Then we went to Hippocrates’ garden, which was open.

Statue in an interesting setting

We had fun “Storming the castle.” There are several interesting castle sites on the island of Kos. Today’s visit was to Neratzia Castle, which has beautiful views of the harbor. It is a beautiful place to just wonder around.

We had so much fun touring the treasures on this beautiful Greek island that we lost track of time. Go figure! We were too late to meet our contact person at the boat, so we let ourselves onboard, (as we were instructed), and spent the night on the boat. We found some late night Greek/Canadian pizza, which actually hit the spot.

In the morning, we met Manos to get checked out on the boat. When you bareboat charter a sailboat, you must do a checkout process where you go through the functionality and safety attributes of the boat with a representative from the charter company. Good thing we have a battery charger and the trip is saved because Jen is back to taking photos of everything!

We were exiting the Kos Marina before noon. A feat in and of itself!

Sailing from Kos Greece


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