Visiting Symi Greece by Sailboat
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Visiting Symi Greece

There is so much beauty on the island of Symi. When visiting Symi, Greece, it is easy to get swept up in the tranquil simplicity. Additionally, there’s much to see and do here too.

Sailing Arrival to Symi Greece

Sailing into Symi Greece
Sailing into Symi

The Harbor

We are sitting on the island of Symi, a beautiful place, much different than many of the other Greek islands, as it looks more Venetian.  Although relatively small, it is a major tourist destination. Even in off season, it is busy in comparison to other islands previously visited on this adventure. 

Visiting Yialo Harbor, Symi Greece
Yialo Harbor, Symi, Greece

Exploring while Visiting Symi Greece

Today we walked to the upper village and visited castle ruins. We joked with each other during the climb up about just staying here. Ironically, the castle was partially for sale. It was tranquil and beautiful, sort of surreal.

Castle Symi, Greece
Own Your Own Symi Castle

Village Life

We spent hours wandering the village on foot this morning. I love exploring in off-season. It allows me to glimpse into the culture and everyday life of the people who inhabit the area. Many times during the height of Summer, locals are only catering to tourists.

I took many photos. A few, in my opinion, are National Geographic in style. Next, we rented a motorcycle and rode 24 km to Panormitis Bay to see the famed monastery. 

Traditional Life on Symi, Greece
Traditional Life, Symi, Greece
Women in Symi

Panormitis Monastery

Panormitis is an early 18th century Greek Orthodox monastery dedicated to Saint Michael. It is situated seafront in the tiny village of the same name on the Southwest coast of Symi.

Visiting Panormitis Symi Greece
Exterior Tower Panormitis Monastery, Symi
Interior Courtyard, Panormitis Monastery
Interior Courtyard, Panormitis, Symi, Greece
Greek Orthodox Priest
Greek Orthodox Priest

Visiting Additional Sites of Symi Greece

After departing the monastery, we visited a few scenic viewpoints, and saw the other port of Pedi, where we took a walk. As we passed back through a few small villages, the road was partially flooded out and muddy, with no guardrail, and eventually dead ended. It was quite an adventure!  We made it back to port just in time for sunset.

Winter Sunset on Symi
Winter Sunset on Symi

Overall today was spectacular. Tonight, we cooked with fresh local ingredients on the boat. We had awesome pesto pasta & pizza. Any weight I lost hiking around, I surely gained back! 

Speaking of calories, while typing this entry, I am sipping the syrupy local favorite, ouzo, in a really chic internet bar. The walls are totally red, with red sofas and tubular red lights, contained within 5th century stone walls. 

Last night was a bit rough because the Southeast wind was blowing intensely. Therefore, the boat was really rocking hard all night long.  The clanging of the masts echoed through the harbor. I wouldn’t trade it.  What an amazing time we have had! I could sit in this bar forever.

Our Sailboat, “Clio,” Before the Storm

But early tomorrow, we are off to Rhodes. It is the largest island we will visit on this sail. So, we should have internet there, to report back.

Symi, Greece
Yialos Harbor, Symi

Bon voyage,


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