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Time Zone Adjusting

From the Throwback Thursday Series: Fun with Jen and Todd

Dealing with a 7 hour difference of time zone adjusting in one day can be a challenge. We ended up out on the streets of Athens until about 2AM. This was not really an issue as it was a beautiful, warm Summer evening, with a light breeze. This cooled it off just enough to be relatively comfortable in the Athens heat. 

The Evening Scene While Time Zone Adjusting

Tanned young party goers, dressed in flowing white fabric and strappy sandals, intermixed with shorts-clad tourists, in the crowded pedestrian streets. People were dining and drinking and strolling and laughing as if it were three in the afternoon.

Around two, we were getting tired and decided it was time to call it a night. We were right on track to adjusting to the time zone change. By staying up late, we would hopefully sleep through the evening. But then, I was notified of a “system emergency” at work. It had me connected to the office until about 4AM. So much for combatting the jet lag. Then, I was wide awake. Go figure. Good thing I can sleep in a bit.

Our Athens Hotel

Our hotel, The Athens Gate, is in a great location with an amazing view from the rooftop restaurant. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Athens. It is in walking distance of most everything and has impressive ruins to tour, directly across the street. This hotel has an upscale, yet casual vibe, that I am finding very hospitable.

Time Zone Adjusting at our Athens Hotel
View from Athens Gate Hotel’s Rooftop Restaurant

Travel Life While Time Zone Adjusting

Just found out there is a problem with our upcoming sail boat rental. It has a gearbox problem. I guess everything happens for a reason. So… The boat rental company have upgraded us to a Bavaria 47! Yes, a 47 foot sailboat!

While the original boat we rented was only a few feet less, size matters. This should be VERY nice. Anyone who can get out to Kos by Saturday is more than welcome to join! We will now have plenty of space.

Also, it looks like we have a weather issue on Saturday in Kos, high winds. We might not be leaving port until Sunday. We shall see. Weather in the med can change so rapidly.

The weather outlook for the rest of the week is fantastic. Speaking of weather, Athens could not be nicer. Off to see a few more sights before we head back to the airport.


P.S. Jen has been co-writing these, but promises to post something soon.

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