Sailing Tilos Greece
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Tilos Greece

Morning Shadow Tilos Greece

Off Season

We spent a pleasant evening on the island of Tilos Greece. Tilos was a very quiet, “green” island. It will be very interesting to visit in the summer, as I’m sure it would have a different feel. In the off season, it is very closed down. There are very few people and it is very quiet and peaceful.

The Marina in Tilos Greece

A stroll along the marina revealed a few restaurants, tavernas, and what looked like a night club along the water. Of course none of these were open. Since we are sailing, we do not need many services, so for us, it was peaceful, secluded, and perfect.

Hiking Tilos Greece

Morning Hike

During an early morning hike through the mountainous land high above the sea, there was a gate that we were at first unsure if we could pass through. It turns out it was part of the trail. It took a minute, but we eventually realized that it was not to keep us out, but to keep the goats in.

Hiking Trail Tilos Greece
Hiking Trail

The hiking trail departed from the end of the harbor, and climbed up from the marina. The path offered incredible views and was really fun! There were views of the sea as well as ancient structures scattered along the vast land. I highly recommend this hike when you are visiting Tilos Greece.

Pinned In

As you can see, we had to get a bit creative to leave the marina! We were docked in a guest spot in the small harbor, but the ferries always take priority. Likely due to the lack of people during Winter, the ferry seems to take long stops at small ports. When we went to leave, there was no one around. Good thing the sailboat had bow thrusters!

Pinned in by the ferry Tilos Greece
Pinned In! Tilos Greece

Next stop, a long sail to the island of Symi.

Note: If you are not on your own boat, many of the Greek Islands, including Tilos, are reachable by ferry lines. Be sure to check timetables as they definitely run less frequently off season.

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