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Pink and Green Cookie

This Morning

Today I woke up feeling trapped. It started with a simple photo I saw online while perusing the morning news. It was of a pink and green cookie, the new Sakura Matcha flavor Oreo, being sold for Springtime in Japan.

I could almost taste the creamy deliciousness of the colorful treat as I took a closer look. I am now 8 weeks into quarantining at home. Maybe it’s the solitude, but I suddenly became obsessed with the pink and green image.

The Pink And Green Cookie

Up until this point, I was doing reasonably well enjoying travel from home. I reach the world through photos, writing, food, connecting with friends via video, and exploring the area I am in. But then… I saw …the cookie, And that was all it took.

As an everyday jet setter, a frequent traveler, constantly infected with the bug (of travel life), it only takes the tiniest innuendo of a foreign destination to send me packing. 

A whiff of sumptuous curry, wafting from a random city kitchen and I’m dashing for Delhi. The vivid musical notes of a salsa number blaring from a passing car and I’m packing for Medellin. The kiss of warm sun on my face and I’m lounging in Santorini. 

Pink and Green Cookie

So this morning, seconds after discovering these Matcha flavored cookies, I was transported to a cafe, dunking pink and green sugary delight, into my oversized tea cup as I watched the frenzy of fashion pass by the large picture window. I was ready to pack for Japan. 

The Realization

As I perused points of interest, available flights, and weather conditions, it occurred to me that it may be a while still, until I can randomly pack up and take off. It really set in how different the world is, and may continue to be. I wondered aloud if countries would keep borders closed indefinitely. And all of the sudden I found myself needing some very deep breaths. 

Exhaling, I reminded myself that for me, true travel is a state of mind and a way of being. With all of the Covid related pain and suffering the world has endured, my need to escape is selfish, yet probably common. I am sure I am not the only one. So, I grabbed a cup of my freshly brewed coffee, leftover from my recent trip to Guatemala, and sat down at my laptop to reconnect.

While I am still staying home, craving my Japanese pink and green cookie, I continue to travel in place. Come join me on my journey and share future plans with me.

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Pink and Green Cookie

May you always be in Wanderland.

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