Packing and Stuff from Fun With Jen and Todd
Jenny's Journal,  Throwback Thursday

Packing and Stuff

From the Throwback Thursday Series: Fun with Jen and Todd

The process of packing, and putting all of our stuff into two backpacks is an exercise worthy of a MENSA test.  Just choosing backpacks was a fete in itself. See the criteria we used, to ultimately select great packs, in  Jenny in Wanderland article, How to Choose the Best Travel Backpack.

Tomorrow morning, we pick up JetBlue to JFK, then grab our bags, trudge over to Terminal 2 and recheck our bags on Delta. Fortunately, we have 4 hours to accomplish this…it just might be enough.

Looks like a storm is passing through the Med right now. We should miss most of it, but expect a bit of rain and wind the first day we have the boat out for sailing on the 7th. It’s always an adventure.


Weather Kos Greece 2009 - Packing and Stuff

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