Olympic Air Flight to Kos
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Olympic Air Flight to Kos

From the Throwback Thursday Series: Fun with Jen and Todd

Sitting at the airport right now, waiting for our Olympic Air flight to Kos. It is very hot in here…could only imagine what it is like in the summer.

We chose Olympic Air as our flight to Kos because they had the most flights, and best prices at the time of booking, so we decided to give them a try. The flight is really short. The flights from mainland Greece, out to the islands, tend to fill up fast, so we booked ahead. This is off season, but that caused there to be less flights overall, thus less seats.

While tourism is not booming at this time, there are still many people utilizing island to mainland flights to visit family and friends, conduct business, utilize weekend homes, and run errands. While it may be a tad less expensive to book your flight in Greece, we found it was worth having the comfort of knowing we would arrive on our chosen day, since we needed to pick up the boat on time.

We used a Lonely Planet Guide to the Greek Islands to find our hotel at the last minute, this afternoon. It said that the proprietor, Alex, is a great person and really helpful. I was not disappointed when I talked to Alex on the phone today. Alex’s place is a cross between a small hotel and apartment. It’s write up says that it is extremely clean, personal, and friendly. Alex and his wife cook breakfast for the guests in the courtyard in the morning.

Especially because we need to be at the marina for boat check out, it seems staying in an accommodation that is more personal with local knowledge of grocery stores, how to get to the marina, and timing, will be very helpful.


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