Jenny in Wanderland visiting Kathmandu
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Jenny in Wanderland Visiting Kathmandu!

Nepal, the gateway to the top of the world. Such a rich culture here in Kathmandu, the valley of the temples. We have always wanted to visit this infamous destination and now, Jenny in Wanderland is visiting Kathmandu!

First a little story on how we got here. Air India is the only nonstop from Varanasi to Kathmandu. At best the flight is unreliable. Now, throw in a threatened strike by the pilots (who have not been paid for 5 weeks). We were a bit concerned. When we asked an Air India agent if the flight was going today, he replied, “If it is god’s will.” Given the 3 million plus gods worshipped here, it was hard to know which one to appeal to. As it worked out, our flight made it.

Find a Flight Now from Your Location to Kathmandu

Flights to Kathmandu Nepal:

Jenny in Wanderland visiting Kathmandu

Jenny’s Pro Tip: Flights can be unreliable in terms of the day and date they actually depart. So, plan accordingly by allowing time for potential delays. Leave a little time between your arrival and planning tours.

Temples: Jenny in Wanderland Visiting Kathmandu

Temples are not only places of worship, but many are historical, cultural and archeological marvels that make a trip to Nepal complete. Many of the really cool locations are difficult to find, so a guide can be helpful.

You can hire this private guide that will take you to the temples that include UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Jenny in Wanderland Visiting Kathmandu!
Jenny in Wanderland visiting kathmandu

This Full Day Kathmandu Heritage Tour offers a local guide that will take you to all of the important sites and not to miss hidden places, without the hassle of trying to get around. Kathmandu sites are spread out and some are tucked away, so a local guide can be extremely helpful.

Jenny in Wanderland Visiting Kathmandu!

There are a ton of fun restaurants, shops, and street vendors. Just exploring the surroundings, even without any particular destination is so much fun here!

Walking the streets, you will encounter culture and tradition at every turn. If you have an interest in photography, or just enjoy to immerse yourself in culture, take this colorful evening photography tour of Kathmandu.

Also See Jenny in Wanderland blog post, Best Travel Cameras.

Where Jenny in Wanderland Stayed When Visiting Kathmandu

There are a variety of accommodations in Kathmandu, from budget to luxury. I chose this luxury hotel that was architecturally and historically impressive, super comfortable, and had one of the best restaurant experiences ever! I absolutely loved this place! It also has a beautiful swimming pool for relaxation after a long day of touring.

Unique Activity

Nepal cremations may sound morbid, but are extremely spiritual and are quite the experience to watch. There is an entire specific ceremony that occurs when a person dies. Only Hindus can enter this temple area, but many tourists watch the crematorium from the area along the river.

Local people are cremated within one day of dying. They are washed with the water from the Bagmati River, covered with ceremonial cloth. The eldest son circulates the body with a torch 3 times before lighting the dead’s mouth with flames. Bodies burn all along the river for about 3 hours and then the remains of mostly dust are brushed into the river. These ceremonies are sacred and extremely interesting to watch.

Jenny in Wanderland Visiting Kathmandu!

Take this Hindu Funeral Ceremony Tour to get a closer look and understanding of this fascinating and beautiful ritual.

Nepal is a definite bucket list destination. If you have always wanted to visit (or do now:) and don’t know where to start, Take this 10 day Cultural highlights Tour.

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  • Susan "Mom" Saltzburg

    What an adventure-can’t wait to hear the stories that go with the journey. Haven’t heard from you or seen any updates since you were supposed to leave Nepal and return to India. Want to be sure all is well…Love you both.

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