Catamaran Ferry to Turkey
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Catamaran Ferry to Bodrum Turkey

It was sad leaving our sailboat and Greece, this morning, as we packed our bags and took the ferry from Rhodes to Kos. Then we had an adventure finding a place to do our many pounds of laundry, before picking up another catamaran ferry from Kos to Bodrum, Turkey.

Arriving in Bodrum Turkey by Catamaran Ferry
Arriving in Bodrum Turkey by Catamaran Ferry

The Catamaran Ferry from Kos to Bodrum Turkey

The catamaran ferry to Bodrum Turkey is a very high speed ferry and it took us only about two hours to cover nearly 80 nautical miles. That is flying for a large boat. It was quite the contrast to our sailing, although we had some fast sailing days.

The catamaran ferry we took to Bodrum from Kos had both indoor and outdoor seating. At this time there are 3 different companies that operate fairly regular service on this route, around 10 times per week. The cost per person is approximately 25 Euros one way. Some of the ferries offer car service, which comes with an additional fee. The port of Kos that serves the ferry connection between the island and Bodrum is the port of Chora. In Bodrum, Greek ferries usually arrive at the Cruise Port. The Castle port receives more of the local ferries.

Catamaran Ferry to Turkey
Sitting Outside on the Catamaran Ferry from Kos to Bodrum

It’s a Small World

On the ferry to Bodrum, we ran into a couple we met in Nisyros. It’s a small world after all. This ferry route is popular with people residing in Greece that are not citizens, and that need to leave the country to have their passport stamped, as required by law. Many people, such as this couple, make a weekend of it. Bodrum is a beautiful and interesting maritime city with great restaurants, a beautiful marina, shopping, and many tourist attractions.

Shopping Street in Bodrum Along the Marina
Shopping Street in Bodrum Along the Marina

Turkish Gulets

Upon first stepping off the boat in Bodrum, we heard the sounds of the city. The call to prayer echoed peacefully through the streets as the masts clinked in the wind. There seemed to be thousands of boats in the marina.

Boats in Bodrum Marina
Boats in Bodrum Marina

Many were Turkish Gulets. Many of these traditional handmade wooden sailing vessels are built in Bodrum. Gulets usually have two, or sometimes three masts. They are such amazing boats. Gulets tend to be comfortable, functional, and visually fantastic. They generally go for many times the price of a home here in Turkey.

Turkish Gulets in Bodrum, Turkey
Turkish Gulets in Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum Castle

This Castle in the marina area, which contains the Museum of Underwater Archeology was extremely interesting with a diverse maritime collection. It was a great way to spend a partial day.

Bodrum Castle and Museum of Underwater Archeology

A word about Bodrum; Beautiful. This is a must-visit locale for your travel bucket list.

Jenny In Wanderland

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