Arriving in Nisyros Greece
Jenny's Journal,  Throwback Thursday

Arriving in Nisyros Greece

Today was our first day sailing; Lots of fun, a great deal of work. Today, we sailed with the island of Kos completely along one side of us, and Turkey on the other.  It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day.  For our first day out, we intended to sail a bit shorter. Upon arriving in the main town’s port in Nisyros Greece, we were told in Greek, that we couldn’t anchor there. It was unsafe because of a high wind advisory. Therefore, we had to move to the port more toward the center. We made decent time sailing here, but still took longer than expected since we had to move ports.

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This is a very small town. Upon first glance, there is one small store, a handful of restaurants, a moped rental, a few houses, and a church.  We have not explored much of the streets that creep into the mountain above yet. We look forward to exploring the volcano and towns by moped tomorrow.  (There is one taxi on this island! lol) Gotta love it. 

Arriving in Nisyros Greece

The Restaurant

We were tired and hungry after arriving in Nisyros Greece. Jen and I exited our boat via a small plank, commonly used for a Mediterranean mooring, and headed into town.

Currently, we are dining in a traditional, very cute looking restaurant, Aphrodite, whose door was open. Once inside, we learned that it was actually closed for the season. The woman who owns it has family coming for a baby naming from various surrounding islands. She had opened tonight for her family celebration feast. We wandered up, looking like tired, hungry, lost puppy dogs.

We had no idea the restaurant was closed, and I doubt anyone ever anticipated that sailing tourists would come rolling onto this tiny island in Winter. However, the owner was so gracious and has invited us to join in and dine. As vegetarians, Jen was a bit concerned about potentially declining certain food, but everyone here has been so extremely nice! 

The Experience

The food was pre-prepared for the guest’s arrival. There were beautiful large catered trays spread out on tables. We are dining on some truly delicious, and clearly homemade traditional Greek food. There is salad, feta, spanakopita, and some other treats that I’m unsure how to explain.

It is so much fun to watch the family come together and celebrate. We enjoy partaking in the cultural aspects, between the food, Greek language, and the overall atmosphere. It is hard to believe that we literally climbed off the boat and stumbled into this. The owner introduced us to everyone and treated us like family. The amazing joys of travel.

Well, we shall go and let this family continue to celebrate in peace.  Until tomorrow!

That was not the last we saw of our new friends. Want to hear what happened next on Nisyros?

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