Arrival in Athens Greece
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Arrival in Athens Greece!

From the Throwback Thursday Series: Fun with Jen and Todd

I have to say, the flight over the pond for our arrival in Athens, Greece, wasn’t too bad today. Our new noise cancelling headphones were the bomb. They really filtered out most of the airplane noise and had very clear, clean sound. Since we hadn’t had a chance to test them out prior to departing, we were so happy they worked out.

Inflight For Our Arrival in Athens Greece

Delta offers a feature that allows you to select a special meal if you have dietary restrictions. They had our vegetarian dishes on board, which worked out very well. By the time dinner was served, we were definitely hungry. Afterwards, we actually got some sleep.

Delta Inflight meal

Average flight time from JFK to Athens is just over 9.5 hours and covers approximately 4,950 miles (7975 kilometers). We arrived in Athens over an hour early due to a quick exit from JFK and heavy tail winds. Our flight was smooth and relatively comfortable. Usually we find the flight to be a great place to decompress and shift from chaos to relaxing travel mode.

Onboard Games

While onboard, we also took some time to enjoy a champagne toast, research a few more destinations in our travel book, and play some games. We often bring travel scrabble and a deck of cards with us. The scrabble we bought has lasted forever. It has a great compact case that contains everything you need to play. While travel size, it folds in half and therefore is still big enough that you can actually play a quality game.

Jumping Right In After Our Arrival in Athens Greece

Visiting the Acropolis

OK, the Acropolis is even more amazing in person. Jenny has been here a few times before, but this is my first. Wow! This is a must see.

Currently there are lots of repairs, scaffolding, cranes, etc. going on, but it really does not affect the experience. After a hike up the hill and then wandering all around to see Apollo’s, Zeus’ and Pan’s caves, we headed down into the Plaka for some authentic Greek food (not to mention a little beer).

 We are now back in our hotel at 4:30pm for a couple hour nap and to catch up.


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