30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel
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30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel

I absolutely love swimming pools! Even when I am not actually swimming. I love the aesthetic of having a beautiful pool as a view, to sit by to read or share a glass of wine. I have swam in many pools, all over the world, but not all pools are created equal. Here are 30 of the best swimming pools to splash into Travel!

Often an accommodation offers a beautiful main pool for guests to share. It tends to be a hub of socialization and activity. By design, it is usually a location to take some trendy photos and enjoy services such as drinks, food, or massage. When selecting where I will stay, one factor I often consider is if there is a pool. Read more on how to choose perfect accommodations. Shared pools have many positive attributes.

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3 30 of Jenny’s Favorite Swimming Pools:
3.2 30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel

The Pros and Cons of Shared Swimming Pools

Out of the 30 best swimming pools to splash into travel highlighted here, some are private to the room you book, and others are shared pools. A positive of the main pool at a hotel is that it is usually placed in a way that it either offers a beautiful view, or facilities, such as a restaurant or gym.

Often there is also a fantastic view of the pool from various points on the property such as the restaurant or guest rooms. Pools can be social and offer an opportunity to interact with other guests and staff. The main pool may offer food, a bar, and activities.

While I love to be social, sometimes I enjoy quiet private time. Sometimes the main pool can be noisy or crowded. There are times, even in the nicest of facilities, where it can be difficult to find a seat. In larger complexes, the pool may be a long distance from your room. These are a few of the reasons I often seek out a room that has a private swimming pool.

There are also public pools, unrelated to accommodations, that are opportunities to swim somewhere unique. Always be sure these pools are safe and sanitary. Other then that, go for it!

The Cons of Private Swimming Pools

In my experience, there are very few cons of having your very own private swimming pool in your room. The largest downside is probably cost. A room offering this luxury usually comes with a significantly higher price tag. One thing I have found is that when I have a beautiful private pool, I tend to spend more time in my room. It is sometimes hard to drag yourself away from such luxury.

So, if you are looking for some downtime, a retreat, or just time in your resort, it is perfect. On the flip side, if you are planning an extremely active or social stay, it may not be worth paying for this extra.

Occasionally a pool may create a steamy atmosphere or cause the floor to be continually wet if it is inside your room, versus on the deck or patio. Another issue can be if the pool is not being maintained to the expected standard. I have rarely encountered this, but these are considerations when booking your room. Mostly I have always enjoyed having a private pool whenever possible.

The Pros of Private Swimming Pools

The positive aspects of having a secluded pool are many and far outnumber the cons. The largest pro is that you can get comfortable poolside without having to take others into consideration.

This includes how much (or how little) clothing you choose to wear, and if you play music. It allows for the utmost of privacy in the convenience of your room.

At the end of a long day of exploring, it is very nice to take a dip in your private pool.

PRO TIP: Be sure to get specific information about the private pool you book, in order to be sure it meets your expectations.

Pools come in all shapes, sizes and temperatures. I have had everything from a tiny plunge pool that looks more like a fountain, to a full blown lap pool. Some pools are very cold and do not have a heating function, rendering them a pretty feature, but sometimes useless. Others are more like hot tubs, but sans heat, are a cold plunge.

The Criteria for Selecting the 30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel

The criteria for 30 of the best swimming pools to splash into travel is somewhat diverse. This is because the best fit for a pool varies depending on the destination. For example, if you are at the ocean, you may want an infinity pool that encompasses a sea view. Conversely if you are skiing, a cave pool that is steamy may be more appropriate.

Perhaps you are on a retreat. Then, a small private pool can be part of your self care. If you are looking to be social, a large pool with a bar and many people is more conducive to your needs. In a location that is mostly rainy, you may search for an indoor pool.

30 of Jenny’s Favorite Swimming Pools:

The following pools were selected based on their diversity, aesthetic beauty, and overall “Wow factor” that make them unique.

Here are the 30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel that I have enjoyed for diverse reasons:

1. Pegasus Suites & Spa, Santorini, Greece

About the pool(s): I should first mention that there is a small pool in the community area that has loungers and breathtaking views of the med. I would say that this pool is completely adequate and very nice, but I likely would not book this hotel for the shared pool alone. While beautiful, I chose this particular hotel for the private pool.

30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel Pegasus Suites Santorini
Shared Pool at Pegasus Suites & Spa

I had my sights on a specific pool suite- the bomb daddy, if you will. However, many of the rooms here offer various private pools in different shapes and sizes. This hotel is unique in that it is built into the rocks and various features in the rooms and pools incorporate the ancient cliff. Some rooms have a private pool that is like being in a cave.

The room I chose opens up to a terrace with lounge chairs and an infinity pool, high up on the cliffs, above the Mediterranean. The edge of the pool blends into the sky and sea below, so that you cannot tell where one stops and the others begin, except for the fine white line of tile marking the pools edge.

30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel Pegasus Suites Santorini Greece

30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel

Mood: The community pool is subtle and quiet with beautiful views and bar service available. It is a relatively small hotel with a limited number of rooms, so the pool never feels crowded. The private pools are everything you would dream of in a cave suite, high above the Med, on one of the most desired islands in the world; romantic, breathtaking, luxurious, and fairytale like.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: I was searching for the perfect private infinity pool and I narrowed it down to two, and ultimately chose this one. The private infinity pool on the edge of the cliff, hanging over the Med is like being in a Greek dream. There are truly no words to describe the awesomeness of this experience.

Pegasus Suites and Spa Santorini Greece
Book Pegasus Suites & Spa

2. Aegialis Hotel & Spa, Amorgos, Greece

About the pool(s): This hotel offers two beautiful pools. The main pool is outdoors and is located below the hotel restaurant and lobby. It is the focal point of the hotel. Blue from the sky and pool meet the traditional white Greek decor, creating a soothing retreat. A little bridge passes over the pool adding just the right amount of Greek kitsch. There are plenty of loungers and a small quiet bar tucked into the corner, offering poolside service. The highlight is the breathtaking view below.

The second pool is inside the spa. It had an antiquated feeling that worked with the rest of the property. While not super fancy, still extremely indulgent. The aesthetic was Grecian, like swimming in a giant fountain. The spa area, including the pool, requires an additional fee unless you have a spa service booked.

Mood: Spa-like quiet relaxation. An unpretentious, yet fabulous low key retreat with a traditional greek island flair, mixed with a yoga, hippie, wellness vibe.

30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel Amorgos Greece

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: An extremely special place that you want to tell everyone about, and at the same time, want to keep it a secret so that it never changes. The breathtaking views and tranquility make you want to stay forever.

30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel - Aegialis Hotel and Spa Amorgos Greece
Book Aegialis Hotel & Spa

A pool ensuite is especially handy for discretion, creating a romantic atmosphere, relaxing, and using your own restroom. You obviously do not need to deal with the pool being crowded or not finding a chair. And let’s face it, having a private pool is often glamorous and luxurious.

3. Nayara Springs, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

About the pool(s): Nestled into the rainforest, both the shared and private ensuite pools are designed to blend perfectly with nature, and they do. From the pool, you can see the volcano. The pristine shared pool boasts a swim up bar, comfortable loungers, spectacular scenery, and 5 star service.

The private pools, located on your own teak patio, surrounded by lush rainforest, are serene, immaculate, and difficult to leave.

Mood: 5 Star serenity in a trendy yet tranquil rainforest setting with a focus on wellness. The shared pool was quiet, but mildly social, especially at the bar. The private pools are luxurious and peaceful.

30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel Nayara Springs Costa Rica
Book Nayara Springs

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: From my private pool I could hear the sounds of the rainforest; frogs croaking, birds chirping, and plants rustling in the wind. The peaceful perfection made it difficult to leave my patio. I wanted to go back before I had checked out!

4. Guana Island, British Virgin Island

About the pool(s): Some of the villas have their own private pool. Each offers a special view over the island or sea. They offer laid back elegance in your own backyard amidst the natural beauty of private Guana Island.

30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel Guana Island BVI
Guana Island

Mood: Celebrity-like exclusive privacy with a completely laid back unpretentious island vibe set in total nature.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: The complete privacy combined with amazing poolside room service and a truly spectacular view from the infinity pool, set high up on the cliff, overlooking the island and the sea. Pure tranquil luxury.

30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel Guana BVI

5. Kivotos, Mykonos, Greece

About the pool(s): Kivotos has a beautiful main pool that sits almost even to sea level, enhancing the island feel. The views across the sea of drifting boats and other parts of the island are lovely.

The pool is large, elegant, and contemporary, with simple lines and a bit of an infinity effect. The white sheers around the swim up bar blow subtly in the breeze. The colors are are blues, whites and naturals.

30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel - Kivotos Mykonos
Book Kivotos

From the pool you can easily slip down to the small private beach. When I was there, there was a giant inflatable golden swan on which to float around.


In true Wanderland fashion, I decided to book the only suite with the private pool. It was fabulous in a truly trendy and unique way. Essentially the entire patio over the pool area and facing the sea is a glass pool. If you are looking for the chic Instagram photo (Be sure to follow!), this is your suite.

Mood: This upscale location combines traditional Greek island resort with the hip, modern, trendiness of Mykonos. While the bar was friendly and people were enjoying the pool area, the atmosphere was more relaxation versus party.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: The show stopping pièce de résistance was the private glass pool. I’m not gonna’ lie; swimming like a fish in a fishbowl over top of the resort was really, really cool! I loved the surprise modern pop elements juxtaposed with traditional greek island.

30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel Kivoto Greece

6. Beresheet Hotel, Mitspe Ramon, Israel

About the pool(s): The pools, like the entire resort, were designed to be completely in synch with the Negev Desert nature. The pools appear mirage like as you look out over the vivid rocky layers of the Ramon Crater.

Both the private pools as well as the main resort one are fabulous, but if you can book your own private one, I’d say go for it!

Book Beresheet Hotel

Mood: Modern natural simplicity in a peaceful setting. It is reserved and upscale, yet has a nonchalant desert vibe.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: Whether in your own private pool or the shared resort pool, the endless breathtaking views over the Ramon Crater were spectacular. I especially loved that from our private pool, we could see art in the sculpture park as well as clear across the crater.

30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel Beresheet Israel

Tip: Wake up early to see the sunrise over the crater! You will not be sorry!

7. Suján The Serai, Jaisalmer, India

About the pool(s): The simple, upscale rectangular pool is a beautiful centerpiece to this glamorous 5 star tent camp. The aqua blue water juxtaposed against the natural colored desert site and white tents adds the perfect vision of luxury for some downtime during the day.

Book a tent with a private pool and you will not be sorry. After a day of touring, an evening spent in your private plunge pool, lit by the candles of the amazing staff, is a perfect way to end each day.

Mood: Romantic understated luxurious glamping in a natural and exotic desert setting.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: Everything about this resort, including the pools are like a perfect surreal dream. The service is 200%.

Sujan The Serai India 30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel

8. Les Terrasses d’Eze, Eze, France

About the pool(s): While not huge, the infinity pool clings to the edge of the cliffs of Eze. From the edge you can look out over the Med and see the coastline in the distance.

Mood: Casual, refreshing, and low key.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: The views over the Med are awesome! You can see all the way to Monaco.

Les Terrasses Eze 30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel
Book Les Terrasses D’Eze

9. Hotel Helios, Santa Margarita Ligure, Italy

About the pool(s): The pool is a triangular shape that floats in the Med and as soon as you catch a glimpse, you just want to dive in. While not fancy, it just has the perfect aesthetic appeal and location. There are decks of various levels surrounding the pool with bright colored lounges. It is quintessentially Italian.

Helios Santa Marguerita Ligure Italia 30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel
Book Hotel Helios

Mood: This pool has your typical Italian Mediterranean beach vibe; a little crowded at times, great for families and couples, and just fun.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: Love that it is set into the Med and is Kitschy. You can look out on the Med and town from the pool. If I weren’t staying at this hotel and I saw it, I’d wish I was, if only to just take a dip in this pool.

10. Hotel Salus Terme, Viterbo, Italy

About the pool(s): Utilizing the area’s thermal healing waters, this resort has at least 4 pools to choose from. Each varies in its size and therapeutic nature. A favorite is the mud pool. Many people use the floor of mud to rub on themselves.

A second pool offers various water massage features. There is another pool with varied temperature that is smaller than the Grand swimming pool, located off the hip bar/restaurant. It is all set in a garden atmosphere.

Mood: Hip Euro Spa with a health emphasis that is perfectly Italian in style and has a local, not tourist vibe.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: This whole facility was unexpectedly pleasant, hip, fun and relaxing. I loved that it is a local resort and people seemed fascinated that foreigners were there. There was enough variety that you could definitely spend a few days, especially if you tack on a service, such as a massage.

Book Hotel Salus Terme

11. Sanctuary Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

About the pool(s): The 2 resort pools are centrally located and are the heart of the resort. The upper pool has a bar and offers a pretty view over the other pool, located below.

Photo Credit: Sanctuary Cap Cana Hotel

The rooms and villas with private pools varied in size. The villa we stayed in part of the time had a basic rectangular lap pool, set in a beautiful garden with a pretty view. Another room we stayed in had a small plunge pool that literally sat at the edge of the sea with waves splashing up at times. There are also rooms with a swim up pool too.

Book Sanctuary Cap Cana

Mood: All inclusive Resort style pools with really pretty features

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: Overall relaxing fun Adult only, all inclusive resort with well thought out pool areas and friendly, attentive service. One of the best part is that it looks like a castle and the pools help create the moat feeling.

Photo Credit: Sanctuary Cap Cana Hotel
Photo Credit: Sanctuary Cap Cana Hotel

12. McMenamins Edgefield, Portland, Oregon, USA

About the pool(s): The artistic meandering freeform natural looking pool, surrounded by woods, is part of Ruby’s Spa. The entire pool is about 4 feet deep and filled with soft, buoyant saltwater that’s heated to a comfortable 102 degrees.

Mcmenamins 30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel
Book McMenamins Edgefield

Mood: Hippie spa, woodsy, artsy, relaxing, mellow vibe.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: The warm water combined with the meticulous landscaping, Oregon weather, art sculptures, and tall trees give the unique feeling of swimming through a fairytale. A bonus is the little Tea House Bar opens up directly onto the soaking pool patio with great mixology drinks.

13. Wine Resort Villagrande, Catania, Sicily, Italy

About the pool(s): This is a modern, simple, rectangular infinity pool in a vineyard.

Book Wine Resort Villagrande

Mood: Romantic, quiet, and perfect.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: How can you not love an infinity pool, seemingly spilling out into the vineyard? This is a small boutique hotel and you feel like you are visiting family.

14. Castello Vicchiomaggio, Greve In Chianti, Italy

About the pool(s): A relaxing infinity pool in the Tuscan wine region on a vineyard. There was also a pretty, simple pool in a garden setting.

Book Castello Vicchiomaggio

Mood: Tranquil and relaxing on a break from exploring the vineyard and Tuscan countryside.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: Located in a private area on the vineyard and agricultural area, the rolling Tuscan countryside surrounds you.

15. Venetian Pool, Coral Gables, Florida, USA

About the pool(s): This public pool facility is a main tourist attraction for those visiting the City of Coral Gables. The pool was created in 1923 in Mediterranean Revival style from a coral rock quarry, where much of the original coral rock was used to border decorate the pool. It features two large historic lookout towers with a view to the city. There are two waterfalls as well as cave-like grottos.

The Venetian pool has quite a history. Created and named for the Mediterranean city of Venice, Italy, the pool included a Venetian style bridge and classic mooring posts.

The pool has gone through many phases, including an island with gondolas and a high dive platform, both of which were later removed. At one time, the pool the was regularly drained so the Miami Symphony could perform in it. In 1981, the Venetian Pool was added to the National Register of Historic Places, as its only pool

The 820,000 gallon pool is fed with spring water from an underground aquifer. In the spring and summer seasons, the pool is filled and drained daily! Fees vary daily and are approximately US $20.

Mood: Busy and kitsch swimming area filled with locals with seasonal memberships and tourists alike. While a bit chaotic, the ambiance is amazing and is a must do, at least once.

30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel Venetian Pool Coral Gables Florida

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: This unique pool encompasses everything fun and is shrouded in history.

Venetian Pool, Coral Gables, Florida 30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel

16. Las Ventanas, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

About the pool(s): 5 star, service oriented resort luxury. Everything is comfortable, relaxing, and available as needed. The pool service included moving your umbrella, fetching towels, bringing gourmet food and drinks, and taking care of your every need.

Las Ventanas Cabo Mexico 30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel
Book Las Ventanas

Mood: Celebrity in Mexico status, fancy, relaxing and picturesque, and catering to your every need.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: The resort was laid back 5 star perfection that carried over to the pool experience. While our patio pool was just a dipping fountain, the two private outdoor decks in our suite made for complete luxury. The resort pools, while shared, were exclusive with immaculate service.

17. Cleopatra’s Antique Pool, Pamukkale, Turkey

About the pool(s): Located within the ancient Hierapolis Pamukkale complex, Cleopatra’s Pool, according to legend, was a man-made gift from Marc Anthony to Cleopatra. In the 7th century, an earthquake destroyed the Roman Temple to Apollo that surrounded the pool. Now visitors can swim around the fallen columns. The clear warm mineral water is said to have healing properties. There is a fee of approximately US $10 to swim in addition to the hierapolis entrance fee.

Travel Tip: If you just want to dip for a short time, go in the last hour or so and pay a discounted rate for a late day swim. Also, if you just want to look, but not swim, you are welcome to sit around the area at no cost.

Visit Hierapolis & Cleopatra’s Pool

Mood: A public spa facility surrounded by ancient ruins with the “wow” factor of swimming with antiquities in the same waters as Cleopatra once did combined with a strange Disney World feeling.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: This is a unique and irresistible attraction when visiting Pamukkale. Just the idea of swimming here is fascinating, let alone the clear blue column filled water.

18. Nizuc Resort and Spa, Cancun, Mexico

About the pool(s): In addition to some private pools that come with villas, the two upscale resort pools each offer their own unique vibe. The very large infinity pool with a swim up bar and complimentary popsicle service, is fun, refreshing, and central. It overlooks the beach and bay.

Nizuc Mexico Cancun Quintana Roo 30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel

The second pool is modern and rectangular. It has a teak like deck and a bit quieter vibe. It also faces the sea. Both pools have a dark water color, giving a contemporary feel.

Mood: Upscale trendy modern Mexican resort luxury with impeccable service.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: This is my favorite resort in Cancun, hands down. The pools and surrounding nature are beautiful. It is trendy and upscale, but not snobby, and manages to pull in elements of the culture and environment through the design. And did I mention that the service is top notch?

Book Nizuc Resort and Spa

19. Grand Hotel Geissbach, Brienz, Switzerland

About the pool(s): This natural swimming pool is completely chemical free. It is purified by the gravel and plants in the pool.

Mood: Environmental conscious, Natural, tranquil, and unique.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: It is completely natural and is home to newts in the Spring, which are transferred to a pond near Brienz, prior to pool opening, attesting to just how well the natural pool is doing. Swimming amongst reeds, high above the lake , and adjacent to the Grand old hotel is magical.

Book Grand Hotel Giessbach

20. Hotel Villa Diodoro, Taormina, Sicily, Italy

About the pool(s): This pool was unique in that the hotel was perched high on a cliff. The pool area was on the edge and offered spectacular views of the sea, beaches and nearby, active volcano, Etna.

Book Hotel Villa Diodoro

Mood: A mixed crowd made up of casual beachgoers, couples, and families, mixed with a quintessential Italian ambiance.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: The views were amazing and the atmosphere was super laid back with bright colored orange and cream plastic umbrellas juxtaposed on the bright blue water.

21. Rosewood, Tucker’s Point, Bermuda

About the pool(s): There were two resort pools. One was fairly basic with pretty views of the sea. The other, main pool, was the centerpiece of the hotel and offered spectacular endless views, almost blending with the Atlantic below. I should also mention that there was a family pool at their beach club down the road as well.

Mood: The vibe is understated British island luxury.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: The pool area was surrounded by beautiful scenery, statues, and architecture.

Rosewood Bermuda 30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel
Book Rosewood Tucker’s Point

22. Peninsula, Paris, France

About the pool(s): The indoor pool was below the hotel and somehow felt like you were swimming in the whole room. There was a gorgeous floor to ceiling cascade of water.

Mood: Upscale, serene, spa like atmosphere.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: The service was excellent and swimming in this historic building was a slice of peaceful paradise while visiting a big city.

*Since it seemed inappropriate to bring a camera or phone into this spa area, here is a 360 link to view the pool.

23. Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

About the pool(s): There are three swimming areas at this fabulously kitschy Waikiki hotel. One is a lagoon, so not exactly a pool, but you can take water toys such as tricycles and paddle boards in with you.

The second pool is exclusive to guests staying in a certain tower and room class. It is basic, but on a rooftop overlooking beautiful Waikiki beach.

The third, and my personal favorite, was the true kitschy resort pool, complete with palm trees, a huge waterfall, and waterslide.

Hilton Waikiki Oahu 30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel
Book Hilton Hawaiian Village

Mood: Kitschy Waikiki resort pools. At times, a bit crowded, a bit loud, a bit boozy, and always totally fun.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: Just what you’d expect from the famous Waikiki Beach. All Kitsch. All fun.

24. Hotel Eiger, Mürren, Switzerland

About the pool(s): This unattended indoor pool has windows offering incredible views of the Swiss Alps and town. The pool is a soothing, but not too warm in temperature, and contains various massage devices.

Mood: Unassuming quiet and therapeutic indoor pool with a casual ski mountain vibe and awesome views. A welcome stop in between activities to soothe aching muscles and take a pause.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: This pool was such an unexpected treat. While skiing in Mürren, I went down to the foggy windowed indoor pool one evening to check it out and found all sorts of massage apparatuses in the pool. After skiing, the pool was a nice bonus in this quaint town. I am certain it would also be a pleasure to use while hiking the area in warmer months too.

Photograph: ©Hotel Eiger 2021

25. Fairmont Miramar Resort and Bungalows, Santa Monica, California, USA

About the pool(s): Classic style pool, nicely manicured with palms, and surrounded by Hollywood style guest cabanas. The whole area is set in green astroturf.

Fairmont Santa Monica CA 30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel
Book the Fairmont

Mood: Old school family style pool at the beach, surrounded by palm trees.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: The loungers all around the bungalows on green astroturf, across the street from the ocean, provide a comfortable LA beach atmosphere in which to just chill. I really love the bright green astroturf, although I cannot explain my fettish.

26. Sandals South Coast, Whitehouse, Jamaica

About the pool(s): Sandals resort has a known reputation for having some of the largest, most grand pools on the islands, and South Coast’s did not disappoint. While some rooms may offer small private pools, Sandals is a social resort, and the huge, well situated main pool by the sea, draws you in. The sparkling blue water with the Sandals insignia, framed by classic columned architecture is where you want to be.

Sandals Jamaica Whitehouse 30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel

Mood: The main pool is active and busy with a swim up bar, music, and poolside activities. While busy, the pool managed to maintain a casual island atmosphere with a good mix of resort style relaxation and subtle island party.

30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: This Sandals is adults only, and sitting by this pool, you truly have the feeling of “Being on the islands mon,” without a worry in the world. The service at the pool was fun and efficient, offering great island drinks and munchies. And of course, Sandals is all inclusive, so you never have to think about cost or carrying your wallet. Due to the pool’s enormity, there truly was room for all and plenty of seats.

30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel
Book Sandals South Coast Jamaica

27. Comwell Kellers Park & Spa, Børkop, Denmark

About the pool(s): There is a large indoor pool facility that is set up as a water spa. The pool area is for wellness and relaxation and encompasses a large relaxation pool, a lap pool, saunas, foot spas, and many other soothing activities.

There is a daily entrance fee that includes unlimited use for the day. There are also several spa tubs on the outside deck as well as a room of peaceful swinging hammocks .

Book Comwell Kellers Park & Spa

Mood: Quiet relaxation in a comfortable and impressive, yet non-pretentious European spa setting.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: The expansive soaking pool was the perfect temperature. The facility was immaculate and offered a diverse set of pools to choose from. It was casual and peaceful. The large glass enclosure that overlooked the beautiful Comwell Park and sea, was a perfect compliment to the pools.

Photograph: ©Visit Vejle 2021

28. Volcano Lodge, Hotel, & Thermal Experience, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

About the pool(s): This kitschy lodge offered cute private pool rooms. The in room plunge pools were small round tubs, lined with stones, blending perfectly with the surroundings. They were situated in your own lovely foliage covered garden and were perfect for 2 people to sit. They had lounge chairs to relax on a small sandy beach surrounding the thermal pool.

30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel - Volcano Lodge Costa Rica
Book Volcano Lodge
Volcano Lodge Costa Rica 30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel

All of the pools, both private and community, are hot spring fed and contain natural minerals. The larger, shared thermal pools, were various temperatures. They wound throughout the property, meshing perfectly with the hanging lights and small wooden bridges that made up this tiki volcano decor. There was also one swimming specific pool near the bar/restaurant.

Mood: Quiet relaxation surrounded by nature in a kitschy tiki volcano, rain forest atmosphere, marks the mood of this friendly, local, natural, and down to earth resort. Super nice and service oriented, minus the 5-star fuss.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: While peaceful and relaxing, the combination of the fun “tiki like” decor, juxtaposed on the rainforest backdrop, gave me the “Kid in a candy store” feeling. I just wanted to explore every nook and cranny, getting repeatedly in and out of each pool because one was more enticing than the next.

29. Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra, India

About the pool(s): The spectacular pools of the Oberoi Amarvilas were built into the palace-like formal gardens, incorporating grand steps leading down to the pools from the gorgeous patios above. Completely surrounded by green and juxtaposed against the intricate tan architecture, the sparkling blue pools appear to be water features of the magnificent gardens. If you swim through the columns on one side, you exit the pool to a beautiful covered terrace.

Book Oberoi Amarvilas

Mood: These pools are 6-Star opulence, dignified, quiet, and perfect in every way. If you are lucky enough to swim in this pool, you will feel like royalty.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: Aside from the decadent atmosphere, the view of the Taj Mahal is otherworldly.

30. Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, India

About the pool(s): A subtle sophisticated pool is nestled into the lawn with a view of the working palace as a backdrop. It is beautiful, and well maintained.

Mood: Elegant, yet not stuffy, perfect simplicity. There is no hoopla, just a relaxing quiet pool to take in the palace and its grounds.

Why it is a Jenny Favorite: This pool felt pristine, and while located at the palace, it felt a bit like you were a visiting heir versus an outright guest. The view of your “palace away from home” is captivating and almost surreal. The overall service at this hotel was otherworldly.

30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel - Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace
Book Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace

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