Free Travel Bucket List Download

What Is A Bucket List?

  • A Bucket List is like your shorthand diary of your “must go” places.
  • It represents your very very special travel dream list. The one that keeps you going on the days when you are stuck at home or work.
  • These are the places that make up your Wanderland.

How Do I Use My Bucket List?

  1. As you see places that you want to go, while online, in magazines, in books, or wherever, continue to add links, photos and notes.
  2. Compile research and ideas on your dream destinations and things to experience.
  3. This list can grow and change as you do.
  4. I not only use mine for all the exotic places I want to plan to see, but also if I find myself unexpectedly in a city, or going to one. I can look on my list to see if there is something there, or nearby that is of interest.

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