Content Submission Guide

We at Jenny in Wanderland are so excited to hear your ideas and to see your proposed content! Below you will find a short guide to submitting content to us. Formatting, ownership, appropriate and interesting content, and giving proper credit where due, are all part of the foundation of Jenny In Wanderland. Hopefully these guidelines will eliminate any frustration of being declined due to ineligibility.

Content Submissions

In order to submit content to Jenny In Wanderland, please email your proposed story, idea, article, scoop, photo, summary, or bullet points to Email: & Please put, “New Content Submission” in the subject line.

Once your article/idea has been approved, you will be asked to compile any suggested changes, rewrites, and additions and resubmit as a word attachment. Further instructions will be given then.

Content Submission Rules:

  • All content, images, bullet points, stories, ideas, and anything else you submit for consideration, must be entirely original, and written and created entirely by you (the submitter).
  • You must own all rights, in entirety, to anything you submit for consideration.
  • Jenny In Wanderland reserves the right to refuse, change, alter, and edit any content you submit, at any time.

Images must be a minimum of 1200 pixels by 675 pixels and in png or jpg format. Landscape photos are generally better than portrait. Images should be of high quality, and created and owned by you. Royalty free images from other sites will not be accepted. Photos submitted may be used separately, or within an article. Any photo credit that needs to appear should be attached to the photo. If there is no attached photo credit, one will not appear. Photos should not contain watermarks or copyrights. Photos may be removed and/or replaced.


Articles must be a minimum of 500 words. All writing should be turn key and ready to publish. It should be spell and fact checked, and grammatically correct. American English is the official publishing language of the Jenny In Wanderland site, and all submissions should be in this standard and initially sent in the body of your email.


Attachments for initial submissions will not be opened. Again place any content right in the body of your email. If your submission is accepted, further instructions will be provided and will entail using a word document.

Sharing and Links
  • Jenny In Wanderland only publishes original content. Therefore, please do not post a duplicate of your submission to other (or your own) site(s). If you decide that you want to share the content, please include a few sentences and a link back to the published article.
  • If appropriate, you can include a link back to your own blog or website within the content. More than one link is generally not appropriate. Links to other websites or to personal affiliate sites will usually be removed.  Linking to relevant products may be acceptable if the submission is a product review or if the link is extremely relevant. Jenny in Wanderland reserves the right to determine what is appropriate and/or relevant, and delete anything deemed unsuitable for any reason.


Jenny In Wanderland will notify you via email when/if your content is accepted and again when it is published. Sometimes content will be held until there is space, or until the timing is right. Occasionally content may become dated, rendering it unusable.

Jenny In Wanderland retains all accepted content to be potentially used at a later date if it is not able to be immediately used. We do however make every effort to use accepted submissions in a timely manner. Our content layout is planned many months out, in order to provide the best possible product for our readers. Therefore, it could be that accepted content could take some time to work in. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Boosting Visibility

Mostly all Jenny In Wanderland content, including submissions, are promoted across all Jenny in Wanderland Social Media platforms. Please share and promote content through your social media sites as well. Please subscribe to the comments of the posts so that you can reply to any questions and feedback about your submission. Your social media is a great place to provide links back to your published content.


All content that is submitted to Jenny In Wanderland, will be credited to the creator, with, at minimum, your name. However, we like to show off our talented reader/contributors whenever possible, so often we will add a photo and/or blurb about our contributors. Please provide a 300 px ×300 px (high quality) photo of yourself and a short bio, (approximately 25-50 words). Within your bio, you may include a link to your website or your social media sites. This is especially helpful if you are a frequent contributor.

Types of Contributors

Currently, we have 2 types of content contributors; one time, and frequent. If you become a frequent contributor, you may be asked to be a part of the Jenny in Wanderland Team. This involves having a regular beat and becoming more involved in the type and direction of the content you are submitting. It also may designate you as a “specialist” in a certain category for our blog.

Anyone with approved content submission receives content credit, but frequent contributors and team members will have other perks such as regular assignments, more control over ideas and content, and will usually have a bio and photo on the Jenny In Wanderland site. If you have an idea for a regular contributing role, please email and put, “New Content Idea” in the subject line, to begin a conversation.

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