Central America

8 warm destinations for winter travel 8 Warm Destinations for Winter Travel (1/18/2022) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Cancun, Central America, Costa Rica, Europe, Jenny's Favorites, Mexico, North America, Travel Planning, Travel Tips - At the mention of "winter," we think of cold and snow. For many, the winter season marks the beginning of chilly days by the fireplace.… ContinueReading
Tradition of Cascarones The Tradition of Cascarones (4/12/2020) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Central America, Culture, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jenny's Journal, Mexico - The tradition of cascarones, literally translated to “eggshells” in Spanish, is said to originate from China to Spain. Eventually it showed up in Mexico with… ContinueReading

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