Travel Life During COVID-19

Travel Life During COVID-19

We Are One World

Fellow Travelers, Fellow Humans. This is truly a time of uncertainty for people and travel life due to COVID-19 and the world economy. Whether you are an avid traveler or someone awaiting their first big trip, you are likely finding yourself stuck at home, or worse, in an unexpected location. Most of the world is on varying degrees of lockdown. Life as we know it, is the only thing that seems worlds away. This is travel life during Covid-19. #WeAreInThisTogether

There is no way to sugarcoat the reality of the seriousness of this pandemic, nor its effects now and in the future. I do not have answers to how or when this will all end. What I do know, is that now more than ever, we are all closer than you may feel. The virus and economic crisis sees no international borders. We are one world, and humans after all. We are in this together.

Here In Wanderland – Travel Life During Covid-19

Here in Wanderland, I am focusing my energy on travel life, creativity, remaining positive, and self improvement, while staying informed on COVID-19. Blocking the situation out is neither practical nor possible, but Wanderland still exists. My drive to constantly explore, remains. During this trying time, I aim to share with you ways to enjoy travel life during COVID-19.

Travel Life During COVID-19

Things To Do – Travel Life During Covid-19

While you may not be able to take a trip right now, you can definitely be compiling a BUCKET LIST (JENNY IN WANDERLAND FREE DOWNLOAD) of your dream destinations and using this down time to research and plan your next adventure.

In addition to continuing to post blog articles to prepare you for when you can travel next, I will also be sharing Wanderland related links and offers to help keep you busy and moving virtually about in the world. Be sure to like and follow us to receive updates, original photos, articles, and useful links:

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See 10 Travel Related Things To Do During Covid-19

I understand that this is an extremely difficult time in the world. I personally have gone through a range of emotions, some rational and some not; From angry to sad to claustrophobic to disbelief. Healthy outlets in the form of the arts, conversations, exercise, and creativity help to relieve pressure, anxiety, and the feeling of isolation. Join the Jenny In Wanderland social community family for a place to share and mingle.

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Stay Safe And May You Always Be In Wanderland – Peace & Love, Jenny

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