Top 25 Outdoor Locations to Take a Selfie Now
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Top 25 Outdoor Locations to Take a Selfie Now

Selfies are essentially disposable self portraits, usually taken with a cell phone, webcam, or small camera. These spontaneous photos are a fun and easy way to capture your favorite moments in exciting places and share them through social media. So, Jenny in Wanderland has compiled a list of the top 25 outdoor locations to take a selfie now.

Each location offers a special element that got it onto this noteworthy list. From “celebrity status” to beauty to interactive perspectives, we decided to mix it up. For instance, we included diverse locations from World Fairs to nature. Even though you may not always be able to enter a location due to closures, travel schedule, or safety concerns, it may still be worth the visit. Therefore, a key element is that all 25 of these locations are outdoors.

Tip: Selfie Sticks are lightweight, telescoping poles that have an area on the end to secure your camera phone. Extend your stick to take more natural self portraits from creative angles, and include more of the scene in your photo.

Top 25 Outdoor Locations to Take a Selfie Now

Top 25 Outdoor Locations to Take an Artsy Selfie Now

Art is an integral component to travel. Art venues often have an interesting architectural component, be it modern or historical that enhances a community. As a result, the building is often as valuable as its contents. So, even if you are unable to visit the inside of each location, many are just as noteworthy from outside. So, these Artsy Spots made the top 25 Outdoor Locations to Take a Selfie Now…

Guggenheim: Top 25 Outdoor Locations to Take a Selfie Now
Guggenheim Museum New York City
Frida Kahlo Museum Mexico City
Pantheon: Top 25 Outdoor Locations to Take a Selfie Now
Pantheon Roma Italia
Broadway New York New York
Calle Angosto Getsemaní Cartagena Columbia

Natural Beauty

Outdoor activities such as hiking, provide an excellent opportunity for you to capture great natural selfies. Therefore these self portraits boast your healthy active lifestyle juxtaposed with nature.

Flume Gorge Franconia Notch State Park New Hampshire
My Fav Resort in Cancun Mexico
Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park La Fortuna Costa Rica
Grossglockner Austria
Sand Dunes Frontier Florence Oregon
Les Sentier des Ochre Roussillon France

Top 25 Outdoor Locations to Take a Bucket List Selfie Now

Many popular attractions are well known worldwide. You have likely read about these locations in history books or have seen photos through popular media. These are the bucket list, must do, famous places that you want to see at least once in your life and check off your list.

Colosseum Roma Italia
Teotihuacan Ancient City Mexico City Mexico
Spanish Steps Roma Italia
Santa Catalina Arch: Top 25 Outdoor Locations to Take a Selfie Now
Santa Catalina Arch Antigua Guatemala
Statue of Liberty Liberty Island New York
Grote Markt Brussels Belgium

Unique Selfie Locations

Niagara Falls Ontario Canada
Naxos Greece
Xochimilco, Mexico
Vessel New York New York
Hukilau Cafe Oahu Hawaii
Grenoble France

Best World’s Fair Selfies

Eiffel Tower: Top 25 Outdoor Locations to Take a Selfie Now
Eiffel Tower Paris France
Atonium: Top 25 Outdoor Locations to Take a Selfie Now
Atomium Brussels Belgium

As a result of this article, I hope you share your fun outdoor selfie locations too. You can comment on this article itself, or share photos on our instagram or facebook.

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