10 Travel Activities To Do From Home

As a passionate jet setter, it can get overwhelming being at home, waiting for your next travel opportunity. But there are many exciting and diverse ways to connect with the world and further your travel mission from home. Here are 10 productive, fun, and exciting travel activities to do from home.

Connect With The World Through Recipes – 1 of 10 Travel Activities To Do From Home

10 Travel Activities to do from home
  • Taste and smell are two of the most powerful senses connected with memories and sense of place. Creative food can transport you to a whole new place!
  • Dig out recipes that you have collected during your travels. Now is a great time to try them out! Alternatively, find recipes online, or in a cookbook that descend from a place you would love to go.
  • Just reading the ingredients will bring you a sense of culture and place. Once you smell the aroma, you will further be transported. And just wait until you taste!
  • Try setting your table with a touch of the place you are conjuring. Throw on a red and white checkered tablecloth and light a candle with your Italian fare. Try using chopsticks, or print photos of your top destinations from the country as place cards.
  • Recipes are a great reason to reach out to your international friends. Be it people you have met in your past travel, or meet new friends now by joining Jenny In Wanderland Recipe & International Dining Group.
  • Exchange recipes and ask for preparation tips. Let them know you liked the recipe. Knowing the type of cook that I am, I usually have a funny cooking disaster to share.
  • Eating or cooking can be an opportunity to host an international activity or dinner on a video meeting application. Have great conversation and catch up with friends around the world while prepping and/or dining!
  • Choose a destination you are dreaming of visiting and try international cuisine. Food is not only something to consume, but an experience. It offers a way to connect with your favorite places and dream locations, while learning and sharing cultural experiences.

Learn A Language – 2 of 10 Travel Activities To Do From Home

10 Travel Activities To Do From Home
  • Learn a new language or practice one that you have been working on.
  • Take lessons via an online teacher through video chat. It offers a great way to learn and to use your language skills when you are not traveling.
  • Knowing a foreign language offers the opportunity to have more intimate conversation when you are traveling. The ability to communicate in the language of the country you are in, helps to create friendships more easily.
  • No matter your speaking level, knowing two or more languages demonstrates an effort on your part. It signals to others that you want to learn and understand an aspect of the place you are visiting and the people that live there. This tends to make people feel more comfortable with you.
  • Usually if you make an effort to speak and understand, so will others that you want or need to communicate with.
  • Even learning a few basic travel words will allow you to feel much more comfortable while traveling. You can let your teacher know what your language goals are and they cater classes to your needs. Some students want to read and write in order to live and work in a foreign country. Some people would just like to greet people, find a restaurant, or the bathroom.
  • I have been studying language with a great online school. They offer classes via video in many languages.
  • Learn a new language now with a Free 60 min Trial Lesson! No commitment!

Travel Photography – 3 of 10 Travel Activities To Do From Home

  • Go through photographs you have taken on previous trips and organize them into a book or album. If you use a photo application, it is a great time to label and rate your photos.
  • When at home, it is a great time to reflect on your memories while looking at your favorite photos. Many times we take photos and do not have many opportunities to enjoy them again.
  • Print or blow up your favorites. Frame some, stick them on the fridge, or create a collage. I love having visual memories of my travel, surrounding me when I am home.
  • Remove photos from your old chips, camera cards, and phones. Now is a great time to store them off onto backup devices to free up space for your next adventure.
  • Be sure to share photos and exchange travel stories with friends and your Jenny In Wanderland Social Community.

Exercise To Maintain Your Stamina – 4 of 10 Travel Activities To Do From Home

  • Do online workouts at home such as yoga, strength training, and aerobics.
  • Exercising will keep you in shape for future travel.
  • Whether your next adventure entails hiking, climbing, or hours walking around lost in a foreign city, you will want to have your stamina.
  • Staying fit and healthy allows people to partake in more activities.
  • When people are in shape, they generally adjust to changes while traveling, such as in climate, altitude, and jet lag, more easily.
  • Free Yoga Classes are currently being offered virtually
10 Travel Activities To Do From Home

Meditate And Visualize – 5 of 10 Travel Activities To Do From Home

  • Meditation is a great way to relax and visualize where you would like to go, how you see your life, and to hone in on future goals.
  • Meditating allows you to resonate with your inner balance and strength, which you then can share outward with the world around you.
  • Feeling balanced and at peace with oneself sets the tone for more open experiences.
  • Being present affords us the privilege of being more aware of ourselves and surroundings.
  • Mindfulness is being aware of each moment that passes, while being fully present to our thoughts, feelings, sensations, and environment.
  • Meditation is used as a technique to aid in achieving mindfulness and can improve concentration and lower stress levels.
  • Here is a simple and Free Meditation and Mindfulness Exercise that I enjoy

Get Lost In A Travel Story – 6 of 10 Travel Activities To Do From Home

10 Travel Activities To Do From Home

Take A Virtual Tour – 8 of 10 Travel Activities To Do From Home

  • Take free virtual tours of museums and tourist attractions from around the world.
  • Have an introduction to the places you are dying to go.
  • Take a tour of your favorite places you have been.
  • Many virtual tours offer a peak inside new things, such as upcoming exhibits, new yachts available, and not yet open activities.
  • Not only do these virtual tours allow travel from home, but they can also be very informative.
  • Use these tours to escape, but also to help add “must have” experiences to your BUCKET LIST (FREE DOWNLOAD)
  • The British Museum is offering a FREE VIRTUAL TOUR THROUGH TIME
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City has a series of FREE VIRTUAL 360 TOURS. THIS ONE IS THE TEMPLE OF DENDUR
10 Travel Activities To Do From Home

Connect With Old And New Friends – 9 of 10 Travel Activities To Do From Home

  • When at home, it is a great time to connect with old friends around the world that you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  • Get updates on their life, pick their brains about best places to visit near them, and get info on current events from their perspective.
  • During the recent pandemic, it has been comforting as well as informative to video chat with friends in various countries. We share real accounts about what is occurring and the current state of affairs. 
  • Keeping in touch with friends around the world gives you people to visit when you are traveling and want a familiar face. It also can help immensely to have friends if something goes wrong while abroad. But most importantly, it is such an honor to develop and maintain these worldly friendships. For me, it is one of the fundamental reasons for travel.

Create Your Bucket List – 10 of 10 Travel Activities To Do From Home

  • Create a bucket list.
  • This is like your shorthand diary of your “must go” places.
  • This is your very very special travel dream list. The one that keeps you going on the days when you are stuck at home or work. These are the places that make up your Wanderland.
  • As you see places that you want to go, while online, in magazines, in books, or wherever, continue to add links, photos and notes.
  • Compile research and ideas on where you want to visit.
  • This list can grow and change as you do.
  • I not only use mine for all the exotic places I want to plan to see, but also if I find myself unexpectedly in a city or going to one. I can look on my list to see if there is something there, or nearby that is of interest.
  • The worse thing is to be in a city and then get home and realize you were in close proximity of something you would have really liked to experience, but you did not realize it was there. Updating and organizing your bucket list helps to hit the “must dos” when you are near them.
  • A bucket list is really great while traveling to. When you run into other people exploring and they tell you about something not to miss when you get to where they came from. Just add it to your bucket list right then and there.
  • Use the FREE BUCKET LIST DOWNLOAD from Jenny In Wanderland for easy organization.

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