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How to Travel to a Place You Have Never Been (9/15/2022) by Kylene Harrington Posted in: Accommodations, Travel, Travel Planning, Travel Tips - The sky is the limit when you have the time and resources to travel. There are many places in the world that even the most… ContinueReading
Traveling Safely Off the Beaten Path (9/12/2022) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Safety, Travel Tips - At times the most beautiful or amazing areas may be on roads less traveled and to destinations less populated. Other times, there may be volunteer… ContinueReading
How to Pack for 1 Month of Travel in Carry-on Luggage (5/2/2022) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Packing, Travel Tips - As an avid and experienced traveler, I often move around during my trip, changing hotels frequently. I also love to travel to unique locations, sometimes… ContinueReading
How to Choose the Best Travel Luggage (3/8/2022) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Packing, Travel Tips - Luggage is an important aspect of any travel. If your bags are too large or bulky, they may be a nuisance. If you love fashion,… ContinueReading
How to Choose a Travel Destination (2/19/2022) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Travel Planning, Weekend Getaways - With so many bucket list locations all over the world, it can be overwhelming to know how to choose a travel destination. After all, we… ContinueReading
Summer Travel to Asia Ghost Festivals (2/9/2022) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Asia, Culture, International, Taiwan - Summer season is a popular time for tourists to spread their wings. Plan summer travel to Asia ghost festivals and experience a truly unique cultural… ContinueReading
4 Faster Ways for US Passport Holders to Clear Airport Security (1/20/2022) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Flight Essentials, Getting Around, Travel Essentials, Travel Tips, United States - The United States has one of the strictest airport security systems in the world. Whether you fly across, into, or out of the U.S, one… ContinueReading
8 Warm Destinations for Winter Travel (1/18/2022) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Cancun, Central America, Costa Rica, Europe, Jenny's Favorites, Mexico, North America, Travel Planning, Travel Tips - At the mention of "winter," we think of cold and snow. For many, the winter season marks the beginning of chilly days by the fireplace.… ContinueReading
How to Prepare For International Arrivals (1/15/2022) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Arriving, Getting Around, International, Travel Planning, Travel Tips - Knowing how to prepare for international arrivals, will help you understand what will be expected to enter the country and what is not permitted. There… ContinueReading
8 of the Most Romantic Places to Spend Valentine’s Day (1/13/2022) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: California, Europe, Italy, Jenny's Favorites, New York, North America, NYC, Oregon, United States, Weekend Getaways - Valentine’s Day opens the season for love. Although known as the lover’s holiday, Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. The old-fashioned Valentine’s Day may… ContinueReading
10 of Our Favorite Holiday Things to Do (12/15/2021) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Blog, Culture, Europe, Food & Drinks, Jenny's Favorites, Lifestyle, United States - As winter approaches, you might be wondering how you can celebrate the holiday spirit. Although many individuals prefer staying home during the holidays, many others… ContinueReading
New ETIAS Document for EU Travel (11/22/2021) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Europe, International, News, Travel Planning - Launching in full by the end of 2022, many travelers visiting Europe, including US citizens, will need to fill out the new ETIAS document for… ContinueReading
How to Travel in Taiwan (10/15/2021) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Asia, Getting Around, Taiwan, Travel Planning - The island of Taiwan measures 32,260 km2 (12,426 square miles) of total land area, less than half the size of Florida. As such, it’s possible… ContinueReading
Best Travel Cameras (10/7/2021) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Packing, Photography, Travel Essentials, Travel Tips - When you travel for leisure, you expect to enjoy many different experiences. Travel gives you the chance to appreciate changing landscapes, explore your taste buds,… ContinueReading
14 Mouthwatering Brunch Spots in LA (9/29/2021) by Kylene Harrington Posted in: California, Dining, Los Angeles, North America, United States - A melting pot of cultures, Los Angeles is one of the most vibrant and exciting areas on the west coast. It is a sprawling cityscape… ContinueReading
12 Unique Tampa Attractions Besides the Beach (9/21/2021) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Florida, North America, Top Sights, Travel Planning, United States, Weekend Getaways - When most people think about visiting Florida, their minds immediately jump to the beach. While there are certainly plenty of wonderful beaches, they are not… ContinueReading
10 Autumn Activities for US Travelers (9/7/2021) by Kylene Harrington Posted in: Best, North America, Travel Planning, United States - Summer conjures up images of waterside vacations, golden sunlight, and vibrant warmth. Lost in summer bliss, it is easy for us to forget what the… ContinueReading
Top 15 Travel Hiking Essentials to Pack (8/17/2021) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Hiking, Packing, Safety, Travel Essentials - Knowing the top 15 travel hiking essentials to pack in your bag will help you to remember to bring what you need in order to… ContinueReading
Top 5 Tourist Sites in Kinmen Island (6/30/2021) by Kylene Harrington Posted in: Asia, BucketList, China, Itinerary, Taiwan, Top Sights - An Introduction to Kinmen There is a little-known island off the coast of Taiwan, populated with buildings and landscapes, frozen in time. If not for… ContinueReading
30 Best Swimming Pools to Splash into Travel (6/28/2021) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: BucketList, Jenny's Favorites, Lifestyle, Pools - I absolutely love swimming pools! Even when I am not actually swimming. I love the aesthetic of having a beautiful pool as a view, to… ContinueReading

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