Where are Some Warm Destinations for Winter Travel?

Ask Jenny™Category: QuestionsWhere are Some Warm Destinations for Winter Travel?
TravelingSusanaTravelingSusana asked 12 months ago

I live in the Northeastern US and am so tired of the cold! Where are some warm destinations for travel in the winter to escape the snow and chill?

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jenniferJenny In Wanderland ™ answered 12 months ago
Hi TravelingSusana,  I completely understand you being tired of the cold! In the United States, November through February is winter in many cities. In some areas, winter can start as early as October and go well into May! Pretty much any place South of the equator is a safe bet, as many countries have their summer during the USA winter months. Full summer destinations in December include; Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, and Brazil to name a few. There are also many destinations that enjoy a warm comfortable climate from approximately November through February, even though it is not technically their summer. Check out 8 of my favorite current warm weather winter getaway destinations now!

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