What is the best travel credit card?

Ask Jenny™Category: QuestionsWhat is the best travel credit card?
DongillespieDongillespie asked 2 years ago
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jenniferJenny In Wanderland ™ answered 1 year ago
Programs are changing so rapidly between Covid and inflation, I feel this answer could outdate itself before I am finished typing. Here are some things I look for in a travel credit card that will help you make your choice of the card that is right for you; 1) Is there an annual fee? And if so, will the benefits you receive offset the cost of the card to make it worthwhile? 2) Where do you travel to frequently? Some cards are not accepted, or are more widely accepted, in various countries. Check the country where you are planning to travel. 3) Some automated services require a chip and pin versus a chip and sign credit card. Research these security possibilities. 4) Check the fees for transactions, especially international and the APR on the card 5) Compare perks that are useful to you, such as free companion airline tickets, double miles/points on trains or planes, concierge services, travel and car rental insurance, entrance to travel clubs or VIP areas, and cash back awards. 6) Check out how easy it is to get customer service, a replacement card, to dispute charges, to get help using your card internationally, and if they have a toll free number. While I cannot tell you which card is right for you, I can tell you that by researching this check list, you will be much closer to narrowing down which card will be best for you! Safe travels!

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