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nouce51nouce51 asked 4 years ago
Hello Jennifer,  How are you? I would ask you, how you search and find hotel for have good price?   Cédric Guirlinger 
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jenniferJenny In Wanderland ™ answered 4 years ago

Hello Cedric! Thank you for your question. When I search for a hotel, there are many things I take into consideration, including price. I recommend to first take a look at our article on How to Choose Accommodations 
Steps I Take To Booking The Best Priced Room
As far as where I look to find the best price, it depends. Usually, I go directly to the Accommodation website first. This gives me the opportunity to see all rooms offered because discount resellers do not always have access to the entire inventory available. After selecting my ideal room and corresponding price, I then look to see if I can find it cheaper. I have not found that one particular discount site is consistently cheaper than others, so I tend to choose 2-3 sites to compare. They are all usually within a few dollars of each other.
Then, I compare any perks or fees attached to the booking. For example, if you book directly with the hotel, you may get an upgraded room. Or, if you use a booking site, breakfast may be included. To the contrast, a site may have hidden taxes or fees. Once I reconcile the prices and bonuses that best suit my needs, I then book my room.
A few Additional Tips
I have found that some hotels encourage direct bookings. Those hotels usually offer a better or comparable price with perks. Also, a benefit to booking directly is joining a hotel club, which is usually free, and accumulating points. Points may be traded for perks such a free stays, upgrades, and more. Occasionally hotels have confusion upon arrival with third party booking sites, such as losing the reservation, or giving you a lower or different room category upon arrival. While I have encountered these issues, I have had many successful trips through third party sites.
I always check the reviews or to see if a third party company has complaints prior to booking. I also always call or email the establishment after booking, regardless if I booked directly or not, to be sure my reservation is received and correct. Sometimes you need to wait 24 hours for your reservation to be in the establishment's system if you book through a re-seller.
Other Factors
The type of room you choose usually has an effect on price. Also check out our article, How To Choose A Room When Traveling, for additional suggestions.
Additionally, there are some third party sites that I have confidence in because they have been around a long time and I use them frequently.

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