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VinVin asked 4 years ago
Staying at Grand Hotel Parker’s.  Any favorite restaurants? Doesn’t have to be in that area only.  Grazie!
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jenniferJenny In Wanderland ™ answered 4 years ago

Hi! Here's a list of some restaurants that you may enjoy. Check out for my post on how to locate restaurants while traveling! Buon Appetito!

1)Pizzeria Starita - Yummy Pizza & quite the history!
2)Taverna dell'Arte - Cozy & Delicious
3)Cru do re' - Seafood
4)L'Ostricaio - Seafood & Pasta
5)Palazzo Petrucci Ristorante - I'd call this a modern take on traditional Italian
6)Cavoli Nostri - Vegan
7)Di Matteo - Pizza
8)La Casa Di Ninetta - Italian
9)Il Comandante - Michelin - Beautiful views
10)Trattoria da Nenella - Pasta

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