How about Naples, Florida?

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edisonedison asked 5 years ago

Hello Jenny,
With the talk of Naples, Italy I was wondering if you had any information on Naples, Florida? I will be traveling there this summer and am looking for advice on restaurants there.
Happy traveling!

1 Answers
jenniferJenny In Wanderland ™ answered 5 years ago

Hi! Here's a list of a variety of restaurants that you may enjoy. Also check out my post on finding the perfect restaurant.
1)Gumbo Limbo (Right on the sand at Ritz Carlton)-Casual; great sunsets
2)Tommy Bahamas-typical Florida dining/fun/casual atmosphere/good food
3)Lamoraga Tapas/Seafood
4)21 Spices (innovative indian)
5)Tin City (dining & entertainment complex on the water)
6)Bha Bha Persian -5th Ave
7)Yabba Island Grill - 5th Ave
8)Vergina (Italian)
9)The Dock at Crayton Cove
10)HB\'s on the Gulf
11)The Boathouse
12)Venetian Village (several Restaurants)

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