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Rocky81Rocky81 asked 6 months ago
Hi Jenny! Have you been to Santorini and Mykonos in Greece? I’m currently planning a trip and I only have 3 days for those islands. Is it worth to try to explore both or is it too little time to split it between the 2? And which one would you pick if you’d only go to one? Thanks!
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jenniferJenny In Wanderland ™ answered 4 weeks ago
Hello! I have indeed visited both of these beautiful islands & have traveled the Greek Islands fairly extensively. For me, 3 days would feel very rushed to hit both. If you plan on taking a ferry between them, it can take long & have delays. Even flights can have this. And then, the waiting time to load on & off. All of this wastes so much time that you could be enjoying the island you are on. Of course I understand wanting to see both, but I’d focus on one in that amount of time. Both islands are relatively large and each area of each island offers different experiences. For example, visiting Thira, the main town in Santorini, high up on the cliffs is very different than spending a day at the beach. But in short, I’d consider visiting several places on 1 of the 2 islands. On Santorini, the beach of Kamari is great during the day & if you get up early, you can hike up to the archeological site behind it before it gets too hot. If you are springing for a hotel with a pool in Santorini, Imerovigli has breathtaking views over the cliffs. Without a Pool, Thira is a bit hot during the day. Therefore sans pool. I'd visit Thira, but stay at the beach. Oía is a must for a sunset. Whether you grab a drink at an upscale bar, or pull up a rock from the hiking trail above town, do not miss this day end ritual. You can do a beautiful walk from Thira to Oía along a trail above the sea. Be sure to bring water! Between the beaches, cliffside pools, active town, shopping, bars, romantic sunsets, hiking, archeological sites, and volcano tours, 3 days will likely leave you wishing for more time on Santorini. In Mykonos, you will definitely want a beach or poolside day (or many). The island of Delos is a great day trip to tour the archeology site. It can get hot so I suggest going early. You can also walk to the windmills, rent a jet ski and ride a banana boat. There are plenty of shops and coffee cafes too. At night Mykonos really comes alive with restaurants, clubs, and trendy bars. Be sure to visit the 3 remaining pelicans that are famous residents of the island:) As you can see from just this small blurb, there is so much to do on each of these islands and the vibe is definitely more akin to "slow down and enjoy" than "let me rush through here." Choosing just 1 may be difficult, but while both Greek Islands in the Cyclades, I find the 2 to be very different from each other. For me, while both islands are popular jet setting destinations, Mykynos has a more flamboyant party vibe that feels fashionable, exclusive, and a bit Hollywood-esque. Beach days can be more vibrant with DJ music and water sports. Santorini is oozing with romance, even when you are alone. It offers long sun drenched days reading and admiring the unbelievable vistas and storybook sunsets. This combine.d with some archeology, culture, hiking, and nightlife creates a sophisticated yet laid back island vibe. Whatever you choose, you will surely have an amazing time! Happy Travels! #wanderlust

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