Travel to Taiwan during Quarantine (3/27/2022) by Kylene Harrington Posted in: Asia, Health, International, Jenny's Journal, Taiwan - Recently, I’ve been waking up at odd hours, listening for the high-pitched ping of a doorbell and the flow of traffic outside. When I look… ContinueReading
Incense - Summer Travel to Asian Ghost Festivals Summer Travel to Asia Ghost Festivals (2/9/2022) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Asia, Culture, International, Taiwan - Summer season is a popular time for tourists to spread their wings. Plan summer travel to Asia ghost festivals and experience a truly unique cultural… ContinueReading
How to Travel in Taiwan How to Travel in Taiwan (10/15/2021) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Asia, Getting Around, Taiwan, Travel Planning - The island of Taiwan measures 32,260 km2 (12,426 square miles) of total land area, less than half the size of Florida. As such, it’s possible… ContinueReading
Top 5 Sights to See in Kinmen Island Top 5 Tourist Sites in Kinmen Island (6/30/2021) by Kylene Harrington Posted in: Asia, BucketList, China, Itinerary, Taiwan, Top Sights - An Introduction to Kinmen There is a little-known island off the coast of Taiwan, populated with buildings and landscapes, frozen in time. If not for… ContinueReading
Pink and Green Cookie (4/21/2020) by Jenny In Wanderland ™ Posted in: Japan, Jenny's Journal, Opinion, Travel - This Morning Today I woke up feeling trapped. It started with a simple photo I saw online while perusing the morning news. It was of… ContinueReading
Catamaran Ferry to Turkey Catamaran Ferry to Bodrum Turkey (11/13/2009) by Todd Gould Posted in: Arriving, Asia, Jenny's Journal, Throwback Thursday, Transportation, Turkey - It was sad leaving our sailboat and Greece, this morning, as we packed our bags and took the ferry from Rhodes to Kos. Then we… ContinueReading

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