Why Travelers Should Join Art Nonprofits Today
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Why Travelers Should Join Art Nonprofits Today

Throughout history, the arts have been an important part of society in the best and worst of times. As I write these words, many facilities worldwide are closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic, but are still doing their best to provide community and member services. Here is why travelers should join art nonprofits today.

Arts and Travel

I love to support quality art-related nonprofits. The arts are a fundamental way to share culture, have fun, inspire expression, promote healing, encourage community, stimulate economy and reduce stress. The arts provide a connection to the world, regardless of your current location.

Arts While Traveling

Exploring the arts while traveling is an obvious and easy way to enjoy a day. You can easily wander a museum or take in a show. In most destinations, the arts are a vital part of the community. They offer a way to learn about your destination and submerge yourself in the culture.

Whether traveling alone, or with others, exploring the arts enhances any trip. Museums and performances offer social venues, even if you do not know anyone. Many have tours, classes, and cafes that could connect you with others who hold similar interests.

Sometimes just standing in a famous theatre or museum is worth the ticket by itself. Often the architecture is interesting or historic. In the age of social media and selfies, these important buildings usually offer excellent photo opportunities.

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Even if you cannot enter, it is interesting to see the building and tour the grounds of many art facilities. Frequently there is a public outdoor space, a bench for people watching, or even a park setting.

Connecting to the World from Home is a great reason Why Travelers Should Join Art Nonprofits Today

Regardless of a pandemic, travelers still may have to work and maintain other responsibilities that keep you close to home at times. This does not mean that you cannot fulfill your wanderlust. You just need to be a little creative about it.

Many of us are fortunate to have access to the arts close by. The arts can serve as an intimate connection to travel and the world, even when we are not far from home. For example, you can visit a painting exhibit on loan from another country. You can view greek sculptures. You can see a folkloric dance from Mexico. All of these opportunities will transport you to other destinations.

Mexico City Folkloric Ballet - Why Travelers Should Join Art Nonprofits Today
Mexico City Folkloric Ballet

Why Should Travelers Join Art Nonprofits Today?

Although some arts locations may not currently be functioning as normal, many are offering limited capacity, alternative experiences, and virtual events that you can partake in now. Additionally, think to the future.

Support Organizations

As a member, perhaps it is true that you will not receive all the benefits that you would during normal operations. But do you really want these places to go away permanently. Organizations can only maintain themselves without income in the form of member support for so long.

While many nonprofits are seeking grants, funds are limited and large quantities of applicants are competing for the same money. Unfortunately as important as the arts are to a healthy and economically stimulated society, they are often the first to be negatively affected by budget cuts.

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Historical and Architectural Preservation

Whether you realize it, many buildings that house various arts are historical landmarks in and of themselves. Often they are some of the oldest edifices in a town. Picture antique theaters and historic homes. Many were repurposed over the years, but maintain their historic past. Some have held famous speeches, had community firsts, are believed haunted, or hold precious secrets of the past.

In addition, newer art centers and museums are architecturally designed to beautify and/or gentrify an area. Some communities use art establishments for town meetings, festivals, and private events. Many have public grounds that serve as parks, cafes, or public spaces. Imagine your community without these structures. Would it be less diverse, more monotonous, and less creative? Definitely yes.

Dali Museum - Why Travelers Should Join Art Nonprofits Today

Virtual Experiences and Why Travelers Should Join Art Nonprofits Today

For me, this is one of the best parts of membership. So many venues are offering arts related online events, classes, discussions, tours, movies, games, and curated specials. As a member there is so much to partake in, even from home. As a traveler, this is an amazing way to stay connected to all of your favorite and bucket list locations.

Socrates Sculpture Park

Extended Memberships

Many venues are offering extended memberships beyond the normal 12 months that you pay for annually. For example, if you sign up now, you may receive 6 extra months or extended membership time. Each place has its own rules. Even if the facility is closed for part of the time, you are still able to enjoy the benefits they currently offer such as shopping discounts, virtual experiences, and private events. Plus with the extended member benefits, you will likely get to enjoy a full membership upon reopening as well.

Limited Capacity

With many arts facilities restricted to limited capacity, now is a great time to safely take advantage of a more discreet experience. Some museums have so few people that you may have a room all to yourself. Many theaters that are open have extremely restricted seating, offering a much more personal atmosphere.

Special Events

Although many facilities have closures or limited capacity, I have found many venues to be creative with safe special events. For example, Freefall Theater in Saint Petersburg, Florida is offering live drive-in performances, featuring sound through your car stereo. Other venues have outdoor, socially distanced concerts. In London, there is cinema on the river in a private boat. These events may be different than what you are used to, but still so much fun!

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The Future and Why Travelers Should Join Art Nonprofits Today

How would you feel if you finally made it to Madrid, only to find the Prada closed down? This may be an exaggeration, but the future of many arts establishments depend on support in all economic climates. This is a unique time, but accessibility to the arts, now and in the future, is an essential part of healing and wellness. When you travel to your bucket list destination, you will be so happy that all of the cultural experiences are intact and waiting for you.

Italian Orchestra Performance - Why Travelers Should Join Art Nonprofits Today

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