Much like Alice, I often find myself on an inexplicable adventure, navigating curiously through the unknown, taking pleasure in the unexpected, finding peace in solace, friendship in strangers, passionately exchanging stories, sitting at bountiful tables, savoring scrumptious meals with exotic characters from faraway lands, excitedly sharing the fantastical world of travel – Wanderland – where everything seems impossible yet possible.

I dream of last minute escapes, losing my way, stumbling into the exciting undiscovered, flying by the seat of my pants, and going with the flow – but, falling down a rabbit hole does not always lead to Wanderland.

Through years of experience I have learned to balance impulsiveness with preparation to create an epic travel outcome.  I am a creative producer by trade, and to excel in producing a film (or anything really), I am a detail nut, a planning freak, a dot every “i” and cross every “t”, sometimes twice, kinda’ girl!  I do believe that first one must know the rules, and only then, can wisely choose to break them.  In other words have a plan for your journey, and then throw it to the wind if you choose. This way, plan A is your plan B, just in case you need it.

I will always treasure my backpacking hosteling days and I occasionally choose to relive them, but I also love a heavenly sleep in a high thread count sheet before hitting a 6AM trail.  I still love independent travel and living off the beaten path, but now I just may splurge for the faster ferry, the room with the view, or the meal in that restaurant, that in my younger years, of which I only dreamt. But don’t get me wrong, I still love me some street food and a good local dive; My point is that now, I have a few more options.

Summed up loosely in “The Breakfast Club” (a favorite of mine), I am a backpacker, a five star princess, an art lover, a hiker, a first class flyer, a budget adventurer, a filmmaker, an explorer, a culture lover, a photographer, a jet setter, a world traveler, and a a nomad… I am Jenny and this is my honest, heartfelt, and ever growing platform, created as a space to share wanderlust.

Utilizing articles, videos, tips, images, and stories, with a foundation from personal experiences, Jenny In Wanderland offers free travel-related content for you, the Everyday Jetsetter, to encourage, plan and enhance your travel and lifestyle experiences.

My passion for culture and people has been the launching pad for my extensive travel over the past thirty plus years, including 5 continents and over 50 countries. I am constantly in search of cultural exchange. I bring my leadership, creativity, mindfulness, and radiant personality to all I do. I have a strong belief that by provoking thought, opening conversations, and by sharing; stories, customs, traditions, and beliefs, through travel,  that peace, understanding, tolerance, and an overall better world is created.

I invite you, the Everyday Jetsetter, to utilize Jenny In Wanderland to design with personal intentionality your travel journey so as to capture the ‘imagined’ storylines of your dreams.

May you always be in Wanderland,

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